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Are you looking to sell gold in Phoenix?

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry will purchase or loan on your precious metals. Gold and Silver Bullion, coins and graded/non-graded numismatics are all assets that can be turned into immediate cash. From investment bullion to the old coin collection, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry’s expert staff can provide current metal and market values for your collection or investments. Coin collections and bullion investments can take years to cultivate. If selling is not an option, a loan is one way to keep the collection and still receive monies for your immediate needs. We pride ourselves on making sure our pricing is competitive and fair, based on the current spot price of metal the day of evaluation. Please call to set up an appointment or email your collection/investment inventory for a free quote.

Here are some examples of precious metal that we accept:

  • Pre 1965 American Coins
  • Gold Coins (Foreign and domestic)
  • Silver Coins (Foreign and domestic)
  • Gold Bullion (Coins, Bars and Ingots)
  • Silver Bullion (Coins, Bars, and Ingots)
  • Sterling Silver Silverware
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry
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