10 Best Diamond Cuts to Buy or Sell in Phoenix, AZ

Before you invest in a diamond, consider the quality, cost, and overall appeal. For example, when examining a diamond, experts refer to “The Four Cs,” which helps classify the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of a diamond. The dilemma here is that, if you will be shopping for a diamond alone, the many unique characteristics to consider can make it difficult to choose a high-quality diamond that suits your preferred taste and complements your personal style.

If you are searching for antique diamond jewelry with a fascinating past, a magnificent diamond ring to propose with, or a regal pendant worthy of Queen Elizabeth II — knowing how to choose the right diamond shape is a good place to start.

Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Let’s explore the best diamond cuts and shapes to help narrow your search.

  1. Round Cut Diamond

Boasting various faceted patterns, a round cut diamond and its unrivaled brilliance is the result of having a 360-degree symmetrical shape, which maximizes the reflection of light within the stone. The versatility of a circular silhouette makes it one of the most sought-after shapes and a popular option for engagement rings. To be precise, a recent article from JCK revealed that 47 percent of people prefer round cut diamonds.

  1. Oval Diamond

The elongated shape of an oval cut makes a diamond look substantially larger. Furthermore, an oval-shaped diamond is an excellent choice for wearers with active lifestyles, since it does not have pointed edges that may snag and chip during physical activities.

Oval might be the perfect diamond shape for you if you are looking for a diamond that emanates tradition with a modern twist.

  1. Princess-Cut Diamond

Originally introduced in 1971 as the “Barion cut,” a princess cut diamond is distinguishable by its 90-degree corners, achieving a square or rectangular outline. This diamond shape has a classic and almost vintage appeal, making it another one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

The princess cut is an efficiently-created diamond. Its shape makes it easy for two equally-sized diamonds to be cut from the same rough gemstone. Moreover, classic beauty and efficiency aside, many princess cuts have lower prices per carat than round cut diamonds.

The princess cut might be the ideal diamond shape for you if you are searching for a square or rectangular diamond with the brilliance of a round cut.

  1. Cushion-Cut Diamond

A cushion cut diamond features a square shape with rounded corners, which gives this precious stone a feminine and pillow-like appearance. This glorious diamond shape has been around for more than 200 years, helping achieve a genuine antique feel.

Cushion cut diamonds are less brilliant compared to round cut diamonds. However, they tend to have better fire or color in the light. The distinct and posh appearance of a cushion cut diamond makes it highly sought-after among antique and estate jewelry collectors.

Contemporary cushion cut diamonds classify as either modified or standard. Modified cushions are variants of the traditional cut facets pattern. They contain an additional row of facets to give the diamond a more captivating sparkle.

  1. Emerald-Cut Diamond

An emerald cut diamond features a rectangular shape with steps-like cuts in parallel lines down the sides of the stone. The elongated shape of an emerald cut makes the diamond appear larger than most gemstones of the same carat weight. Plus, the deep cuts on this shape give the stone a mesmerizing hall-of-mirrors effect when reflecting light.

  1. Heart-Shaped Diamond

A heart-shaped diamond is synonymous with undying love, romance, and devotion. Uniformity is crucial to the appearance and brilliance of a heart-shaped diamond. If the halves of the heart are not symmetrical, it compromises the entire silhouette of the gemstone.

Heart-shaped diamonds are not for everyone, and some people might even find them tacky and unsophisticated. However, the bottom line is if you love this diamond shape, then the opinion of others should not dissuade you from getting it. Lady Gaga, for instance, paraded a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney in 2015. The beautiful 6-carat ring was estimated to be worth $500,000. Tacky and cheap? We think not!

  1. Marquise Diamond

The marquise diamond is an elongated stone that resembles the shape of an American football with its two pointed edges on opposite ends. This cut achieves one of the largest crown surface areas, which makes the diamond look bigger than its actual size.

The long, narrow silhouette of a marquise diamond has been around for many centuries. King Louis XV of France allegedly commissioned the first marquise diamond cut, which mirrored the mouth shape of his mistress, Madame de Pompadour.

Like a heart-shaped diamond, symmetry is a characteristic of utmost importance when looking for a marquise cut diamond. The pointed edges of the gemstone should always align perfectly with one another.

  1. Pear-Shaped Diamond

A pear-shaped diamond resembles the appearance of a drop of water. The distinctive shape is a cross between a round cut and marquise diamond. Taking the form of a teardrop more so than an actual pear, the shape produces maximum brilliance.

This modern diamond shape is a popular engagement ring option among younger people. Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Sophie Turner are some of the many celebrities who accepted a stunning pear-shaped engagement ring from a past or present lover.

  1. Asscher Cut Diamond

Invented in 1902 by James Asscher, an Asscher cut diamond has cropped corners similar to an emerald cut gemstone. However, an Asscher cut diamond produces more brilliance because of its square shape, glacier-level clarity, smaller crown, and larger step cuts.

English-American actress and fashion icon Elizabeth Taylor considered her 33-carat Asscher cut diamond ring from Richard Burton as one of her favorite jewelry pieces. Jessica Alba and Zooey Deschanel are modern-day women who also adore this sophisticated cut.

  1. Radiant Cut Diamond

A radiant cut diamond combines the corners of an emerald cut with the alluring brilliance of a circular diamond. One breathtaking example was the radiant cut diamond engagement ring that adorned the finger of Jennifer Aniston during her marriage to Justin Theroux. The cut features a variety of facets in the crown, giving off an enchanting glimmer.

Knowing your favorite diamond silhouette can make all the difference when you go shopping for jewelry. From designer brands like Harry Winston and VCA to estate and antique jewelry, you will surely find something perfect for you.

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