5 Things that First-Time Luxury Watch Buyers Need to Know

5 Things that First-Time Luxury Watch Buyers Need to KnowA luxury watch does more than just timekeeping, it can also symbolize your character, style, social status or an important event. While high-end pieces are much coveted, you shouldn’t buy them on a whim especially if you’re doing so for the first time. Here are important factors you need to consider before you spend on a luxury watch.

1.  Price Biltmore Loan in Sonoran Living showing upscale watchesIn order to narrow down your search, you need to set a price range. Luxury watches can retail beginning at $1,000 (entry-level) and can cost more than $20,000 (high-end). While buying a luxury watch is considered splurging on a big-ticket item, it’s still important to determine the amount of money you’re comfortable to spend on a high-end timepiece.

2.  Brand

Tiffany & Co. 18K women's watch

There are different luxury watch brands in the market today. All of them promise intricate craftsmanship and quality pieces, but what sets them apart from each other are the ways that they create their watches, designs, and price range.Before buying a luxury watch, it pays to be familiar with the top names in the field such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. Learn about their philosophy as a company, technology behind their work, and the features that are unique to their pieces.

 3.  StyleMan wearing luxury watchLuxury watches come in different designs. Some have a classic look while others are designed to be an iconic piece with a unique aesthetic.Style is mostly based on personal preference, but a classic design is recommended for first-time luxury watch owners. Classic pieces are timeless and versatile enough to be worn on any occasion. They can be easily matched with both formal and casual outfits.

4.  Size

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Another important element to consider is the size of the watch. Wrist straps are adjustable, but the case of the watch is not. That’s why it’s important to go for a piece that’s proportionate to the size of your wrist and your overall physique. A watch that’s too big or too small tends to look out of place.

5.  Seller

Rolex and Tiffany & Co. high-priced watches

Luxury watches are one of the most counterfeited items in the market. That being said, it’s imperative that you only purchase from reputable sellers so that you can be sure that what you’re spending on is an authentic piece.

As a first-time buyer, your best bet would be to go to the respective outlets or e-commerce websites of the watch brand you’re interested in. However, if you would like to find more affordable deals, you can also try shopping with other watch sellers. Just make sure to proceed with caution, do your research, and verify the legitimacy of the dealer and their watches.

Tip: Watch out for too-good-to-be-true deals. If a seller offers a luxury watch for only a fraction of its retail price, the watch is most likely fake.

If you want to be successful in purchasing your first luxury watch, you need to take time as you shop. Luxury watches are valuable accessories, and it’s important that you consider the factors discussed so that you can get the most suitable timepiece for you.