6 Best Designer Tote Bags in 2021

With big dreams come big investments. Regular bags are too small for girls who are always on the go to contain their ideas and expectations. No wonder tote bags are becoming their go-to bags these days! They are handy, fashionable, and versatile—you can bring with you everything that you need. Vogue magazine has listed designer tote bags that can hold everything you need if you want to hop in the trend. We have narrowed it down for you! Check this out:

Ralph Lauren Herringbone Large Bellport Tote

This Ralph Lauren Herringbone Large Bellport Tote meets all your tote bag needs. It has the brand’s signature hardware made of metal that reminds you of Ralph Lauren’s equestrian roots. This tote bag is also as versatile as it gets because of its reversible style.

The bag is made of vachetta leather that provides you with the utmost suppleness. Of course, who can ever forget the iconic herringbone pattern? Ralph Lauren especially crafted this beauty from luxurious wool. They bonded the wool to soft suede, which offers a more flexible shape. Inside the bag is an entirely new world with its spacious storage. You can style this bag in two ways: a classic boat-shaped tote and another one that is trapezoid-shaped. The magic here is you can loop its leather strap to make it form a trapezoid.

Little Liffner tall Tulip tote

The Little Liffner tall Tulip tote is not your everyday tote bag because of its breathtaking shape. If you are into minimalist designs, this tote bag is perfect for you. It even drew its inspiration from organic shapes and minimalist sculptures you can find in nature. This forest-green tote bag is made of leather with cotton-canvas linings. Its white stitching tracing offers a charming contrast to the entire look.

Proenza Shoulder Arch large two-tone leather shoulder bag

This bag is another one that will never disappoint. At about $1,895, it even adds a lot of glamour to your outfit. Oh, and have we mentioned how useful this tote bag is because of the space it offers you for your stuff?

Proenza’s Large Arch two-tone shoulder bag has a single strap with hand-painted edges. The bag has edges streamlined with silhouettes shaped like an arched half-moon. It also has a single strap fit for hooking on your shoulders. Upon opening, its suede interior with a light-taupe color will surprise you. The stylish bag also has a leather pouch attached inside! Its sturdy metal hardware has a silver-tone finish with a logo stamp in gold. This bag is sure to be durable and aesthetically pleasing with calf leather material.

Bottega Veneta Arco tote

Bottega Veneta is also one of the most prestigious brands that offer exquisite leather goods. They are also perfect for giving us state-of-of-the-art leather goods. The Bottega Veneta Arco tote bag is proof that this brand is always up for crafting one of the most unique and elegant bags!

The Bottega Veneta Arco tote bag is a must-have—it is a need for everyone who needs everything in their shoulder bags. Boasting its classical designs, this bag also brings in a lot of freshness that can make every outfit go from nay to yay. It is beautiful with its large-scale woven designs. You will never run out of options with this bag because it comes in different colors and materials. The Editorialist who listed down the best Bottega Veneta tote bags says that this bag is the ultimate Mary Poppins bag!

The Row XL Park leather tote

The Row XL Park leather tote bag is one piece that never goes out of style. Whether you are off to work, about to go to the mall, or out to chill in at the local bar, this tote bag remains to be the best choice. You can even bring it during getaways when you need a fashionable and elegant bag to place your stuff in for an overnight.

This bag is made with calfskin leather and a toggle closure inside to ensure that your stuff is safe. Its sturdy base provides a beautiful shape and structure for the bag’s black leather. This bag comes with a detachable clutch for you to place your small items, like your coins, keys, and cardholders. Once you purchase this bag, you will also receive a dust bag to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Cushion canvas and leather tote bag

Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Cushion canvas and leather tote bag highly gives you that beautiful and sophisticated tourist about to board a state-of-the-art cruise ship because of how its designers crafted it. This bag is perfect for those who need to go on a summer getaway! Although, you can also rock this bag even when you will just go out for dinner with friends or a special someone!

Loewe x Paula created this cream-colored tote bag in Spain. It boasts not just one but two top straps made of leather. What highly complements these leather straps is their body made of canvas. The bag also has gusseted sides that you can put together and collapse easily. Its leather tassels have cute knots with debossed anagram patches in brown. Either you are a city girl or a country girl, this bag will take you to the next level!

Get the tote bag of your dreams

Here are just some of the best designer tote bags that you can carry around with pride. It no longer becomes a surprise how people collect not only jewelry but also bags. With their stunning craftsmanship and aesthetics, everyone will immediately fall in love. 

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