All About Downsizing

Hi, David Goldstein here from Biltmore loan. You know, one of the big reasons that people see us is downsizing. I now have become my own customer. And the interesting thing about that is I’m selling my home, I’m downsizing, My children are older, I’m downsizing.

So I started to go through my house and I may be a little bit more of a fanatic than you. I’m a collector, I love to collect unusual things. And I collected and amassed many, many things over the years, and my wife now she watches the HGTV and she sees how clean and crisp and new everything is. And now she says, that’s it. I want it all gone. And you know, it’s really an interesting story.

Our lives have changed, lifestyles have changed. So downsizing is such a big part of it. If you’ve got things in your home, in your safe deposit box in storage units, in rooms in your in your home that are just taking up space. Come in get an evaluation from Biltmore loan and jewelry. I promise you a pleasurable experience and most importantly, expertise.