Ask the Professional: Biltmore on Estate Purchases

Ask the Professional: Biltmore and Estate PurchasesInterview with David Goldstein, owner of Biltmore, for the Ahwatukee Foothills News

Does Biltmore Loan buy estates?

Yes, Biltmore Loan purchases estates. We have gone to numerous estates and see that the baby boomers of today are not interested in what their parents may have collected. For example, sterling silver flat ware and fine china that they don’t have everyday use for. People want to know the value of their belongings and inheritance. The last generation was a collector generation. Now there is a trend to live a more simplistic lifestyle. We have helped people in many different situations with estates; whether relocation, loss of a family member, or simply downsizing, Biltmore Loan can help.

Will Biltmore make house visits to evaluate an estate?

We can send our experts to your home to evaluate and appraise the estate. We have looked at very large estates in the valley… it’s like storage wars, but with an expert! There are benefits of having an expert versus having a buyer evaluate your belongings. Everything has a value; we find the value and get them the most money. Collectively, our staff has decades of experience that sets us apart from other buyers in the valley.

What types of items will Biltmore Loan purchase or loan on?

From Jaguars to jewelry and everything in between, anything we find a value in we can offer to purchase or loan on. This includes jewelry, gold, silver, art, antiques and collectibles. We also will buy or loan on fine designer handbags and luggage. With estates, we see a lot of sterling silver flat ware, collectibles and antiques. We also do title loans on vehicles that are free and clear. Our staff will evaluate and find the worth of your items. I always say “the market makes itself”.

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