Ask the Professional: Biltmore: Selling your Diamonds

Biltmore buys DiamondsInterview with David Goldstein, owner of Biltmore, for the Ahwatukee Foothills News

Why should I bring my diamonds to you?
You should bring your diamonds to me because I can evaluate them accurately. I am a certified gemologist and have worked with diamonds, jewelry, watches and antique jewelry for 30 years. At Biltmore Loan, we are experts who understand jewelry and its worth. When people bring in their valuables, we strive to make our clients comfortable and educate them on the value of their diamonds and jewelry. There are too many people who are not qualified to evaluate a diamond. We offer privacy and free appraisals at our upscale offices in Chandler and Scottsdale.

Is my diamond that I bought 10 years ago worth more today?
Some diamonds are worth more than others. Depending on size, shape and quality, we price according to the most current market rates. If you have two diamonds of the same size but different shape such as a marquise or a round, the shape can significantly influence the value based on current style and fashion trends. There are larger premiums if a diamond or piece of jewelry is signed or has a signed brand. We also determine our pricing on the current metal rates.

Tell me about your loan process.
We offer private and dignified meetings to appraise your pieces. It is appreciated, if possible, to collect receipts, certification and appraisals associated with your specific piece before you bring it in. All paperwork as well as original factory boxes are helpful. After the free appraisal, our staff will advise you on your options on whether to sell or acquire a loan on your piece. Biltmore Loan is a confidential, convenient and safe alternative to personal banking.

Img c/o Pixabay.