Better Than Gold – Why You Need to Invest in a Birkin Bag

More and more investors agree that for long term investment options, your best bet will probably be a Birkin bag by Hermes. Instead of investing in gold this year which sometimes tumbles in the stock market, why don’t you consider making a Birkin bag investment?

The Hermes Birkin has reportedly out-paced the price of gold and the S&P 500 in the last three and a half decades. This period reflects the time when these bags started getting produced, which was in the year 1981. Compared to gold’s annual return of -1.5% and the S&P average of 8.7%, the Birkin Bag had a return annually of 14.2%. This makes it a better investment than gold.

These bags cost between two hundred thousand dollars and as low as sixty thousand dollars. These are made in limited pieces and do not have advertisements. There is a six-year waiting list for the Birkin, and this is what has caused the price to skyrocket: scarcity.

Status Symbol

The Birkin Bag is a status symbol for the ultra-rich and the elite. Mainly, the factors affecting the market for these Hermes bags have to do with desire. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian sport these bags regularly.  When Jane Birkin, the actress, was on the same flight as Jean-Louis Dumas, the boss of Hermes, the bag was conceived. This was because Jane was complaining of not being able to find a weekend bag in good leather.

Positive Fluctuations

Unlike other commodities, the Birkin bag has only gone through fluctuations in the market that were positive. In fact, there was one 2015 record-breaking year where one single version of the pink-crocodile skin sold for two hundred twenty-three thousand dollars. What, you might ask, has made these bags amazingly valuable? Well, the bag is exclusive, with a waiting list and reserved for the super-rich and the elite. Believe it or not, this is a better investment than any other commodity you can think of at the moment.

Bring Your Birkin to Biltmore

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