Recap: Biltmore Loan Accepts Precious Minerals, Silverware and Artwork

Recap: Biltmore Loan Accepts Precious Minerals and Silverware

Host: If you’re hoping to clean out the house for the new year and you got some items you just don’t need anymore you could get some good money for them. This is David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and today we are talking about some really rare unique fines. I’m in love with everything you brought today I’m so excited. We really have a fun show today all of our guess are really unique and you are no exception my friend. Let’s start with this. What are we looking at?

David: In total here we have gems and minerals specimens. The first, one we looking at is a malachite specimen and if you can see that this is probably one of the most rare. I won’t say rare but i’m gonna say museum quality malachite specimen that you’ll see, you can see the beautiful modelling done by the polishing and this weighs is about 25 pounds of malachite. In the center were doing one with their a Quartz Crystal and these are all live quartz crystals and then on the side were showing an Ammonite specimen which is a million plus years old.

museum quality malachite specimen

Host: So how would somebody come in ownership on something like this?

Biltmore Accepts Quartz Crystals

Ammonite specimen

David: Collectors.

Host: Ok.

David Goldstein on Sonoran Living

David: People collect these things and use them as decorative accessories. They collect them just as a collections and use them in all different places in their homes and this was somebody that saw us on Sonoran Living and they said to us “We were expanding a business”, they had a collections. There’s actually more of this collections unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to bring those in cause there are so large.

Host:Can they check you how long to get in here today?

Biltmore Loan in Arizona accepts Precious Minerals

David: I told you Susan, I work very hard to make this interesting today because this are very heavy and very fragile. And you know how I care about this things. This was a collection that we did a loan of $ 6,000 ‘cause they were expanding their business and again that’s what we talk about it’s people are asset rich today. Their asset rich in cash for so many times they have the opportunity if they have unexpected medical bill  or they have a private school for the children or any commission that maybe coming up.

Host: Right! maybe a medical issue that pops up.

David: Or in a lot of things were gonna show that even later just things  that not use anymore and they will cleaned out.

Host: Well you know David that’s the one thing that really blows my mind about you because you do expand your rate when you comes to what you bring on this show but this isn’t something I would be sitting around going oh yeah! that big rockets in the corner that’s probably worth something. When I think of you know taking something and to be value and I think  coins, I think the obvious but you do the unobvious don’t you?

David: Yes. And that’s really what we’re trying to do is bring value to things that other people can’t bring value to. Unfortunately for me,  I’m an a junky collector of myself as everybody knows from watching us for..for as long as we’ve been on but many of this things I have a difficult time parting with when we purchase them later on the show were gonna show you something that I have that issue with.

Biltmore Loan on Sonoran Living

Host: And it was beautiful about David is he thoroughly means that like when you taking in someone’s item you really have care, you know you care about it you have compassion you bring gentle when he walks in. He’s not just sling it around I mean you’re really do add the extra care and this is an anonymous a lot of times anonymous purchase or anonymous loan for this.

Biltmore Loan LocationBiltmore Loan Office Location in Scottsdale

David: Very confidential this is just strictly confidential. It’s private asset lending, that’s  really what we do. We do private asset lending you can see our offices, they are not typical we have nothing for sale. What we really wanna do is build relationships and that’s really what it’s about it’s building relationship our customer comes more than once

Biltmore Loan Office LocationBiltmore Loan Office LocationBiltmore Loan and Jewelry

Host:  And this not like there’s bars on the window

David: There’s no bars nothing for sale this is the newest concept  in lending an assets and you will see you will be treated professionally, fairly and expertly.

Biltmore Loan Contact Information

Host: And David is just one of the team of experts who will going to take care of your belongings. If you wanna find at how much your stuff is worth, email them, [email protected] you can also give them a call (480) 991-LOAN you can also visit their website all consultations are anonymous follow them on facebook they big on the social media

What's it worth AZ?Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware

Host: And we’re back now with David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and today we’re talking about rare items that you all have the pleasure really of having in your possession what we looking at now?

David: This is… I get a little excited

Host: its OK!

Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverwareBiltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware

David: Everybody their  watches in a weekly basis knows my passion for this is enumerable and this is a box that I wanted to keep  shot just see, could see the actually box of the sudden and you can see even on the sided has beacons and mayflower storage tags on it. So you can see that this is been move probably for the east coast back to the west coast, to the east coast move many times, sat on the garage for long period time. And when I open this up you’ll see its one of the most fabulous sets of silver flatware that you will see. Now, this is not typical sterling flatware this is German silver, so German silver is only 80% silver versus  sterling which would be 92.5% silver.

Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware

Host: Wow! look at this

Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware

David: This, but this was done by J.C Klinkosch who was an Austrian who was the silversmith to the emperor of Austria between 1850 and 1870.

Host: Alright I have to ask is this in impeccable condition or what?

Biltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverwareBiltmore Loan Accept Sterling silverware Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Sterling silverware

David: It’s probably one of the finest conditions set have seen. Each piece has in German what is called tag to each pieces. Each pieces hole mark on the piece itself. There are no pieces missing it’s a complete set of 24. You can see plenty of tarnish on there ‘cause this has probably  touched in years and the amazing thing is if you look at the detail of the way that this is done you can see why he was really the most one of the most prolific silversmith of this time.

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Sterling silverware

Host: Look at this oh my goodness! I mean ah, I think I’m giving like you a little bit giddy drop and up and down right around out.

David: In just appreciative but you know here is what we talk about we kept a week. Here’s a woman that watch us on t.v should brought in a couple of set of this actually. And when we went over it she said  “Look” and she shared me her beacon sticker, her mayflower moving sticker. And she said “It’s been sitting in my garage, I’m not using it, I won’t use it again, it’s not in my lifestyle” so this is what we do, it is a necessarily about a really need that you might need money or need to sell a lot of vintage just for, are you using it?

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Sterling silverware

Host: Right!

David: Could you use the the room ?

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Sterling silverware

Host: Could you use the room or could you use the cash absolutely will you blow my mind. I can’t even believe it. Well to find out much more about the items perhaps that are collecting dust in  your very own garage or closet. Take a photo send it to [email protected] you can also give them a call (480) 991-LOAN, appointments are not required. Your anonymity is protected visit them online their big in the social media us well like them on

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/Collectibles

Host: And we are back with David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and we really have covered the gamma today from beautiful minerals, specimens and then we went to this gorgeous silver set. And now where looking at even more beautiful paintings,  these are oil paintings.

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/Collectibles

David: These are oil painting done by Rhodesian artist who is probably the most prolific wildlife animal artist in the world her named Craig Bone. To give you an idea of how fabulous and you could see the details on this, I mean they are literally when it come off to paper and he actually hangs on a pentagon. His quite famous his work have sold for a numerous amounts of  money and this are smaller images that worth the pairs about around a thousand dollars and you know we talk about. We showed today silver. Silver was showed today minerals, specimens, was showed art, you know two out of three of those items the silver being at that the one the art and the minerals specimens were taken to three to four different places that they needed to get them capital and on their asset and basically they were just told “No”, I just, I don’t, I don’t have the value for it.

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/CollectiblesBiltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/Collectibles

Host: And why did they say no? its because the folks are take him to just don’t have the history of that, they don’t know putting the worth what is the reasons why we get a no?

David: Expertise. We talk about this week after week. Expertise, Knowledge, Knowledge is power so when you know where to go with this and our network of customers and  collectors is so big that we find the market forum. Where you see this ultimate places that we don’t like to even compare ourselves to in pawn in anyway is what they really trying to do is buy dollars  for ten cents.

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/Collectibles

Host: Well I’m glad you brought that up because I know some folks who had people, if have antique dealers actually come into their home look at some items and they were told, “it’s not worth anything”, how many opinions should we get? should we keep going and totally get somebody to  tell us it’s worth something?

Biltmore Loan Will buy or Loan on your Art Paintings/Collectibles

David:  Well you’re not necessarily  always gonna have be-told that  the good news but the fact is that that’s one of the things that Biltmore just take so much pride in this our expertise and professionalism. We go out to states turns out last weekends two different state. We buy entire estates, it doesn’t matter what the product is. If you have something that you think may have some value or you need to move or you wanna just remove from your home please give us a call. We will find the value on it, we will do the expertise, we will do the knowledge and we will do the research on it and when we get back to you we will find a value to it for you.

Host: Well I tell you what, David and his team  they are invaluable when it comes to the work that they will put in  the legwork, they will put in just for you to make sure that you get a fair estimate. And like David said maybe it is that worth anything but don’t tell you that is roll after doing the legwork. There’s is the information, If you have somethings around the home snap a photos send, a picture to [email protected]. Give him a call, appointments are not required (480) 991-LOAN. They’re big on social media and facebook as well as online or