Recap: Biltmore Loan will find the value of your items

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and you know we’ve been talking here just in the break David about some of the, the items that are, are coming back right. That are popular kind of the retro ——

David: The return of everything.

Host: The return of everything and I, my I immediately went to this piece right here. I’m gonna set it right down here and I want you to focus in on that. Now let’s say, you’re going through Grandma’s jewelry box, let’s say you’re going through Grandma’s deposit box and you go, hmmmm… is that real? Don’t be fooled because you know what! This could have tremendous value and you don’t even know it.

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David: And that’s such a great point.

Host: I think something like this to you and say you know I have no clue David. What do you do? What’s the first thing that you do?

David: It actually if you look at this carefully you could get easily it confused with costume or fashion jewelry.

Host: Absolutely!

David: And I pick that out on the side and I said to you “Look at this.” And you kinda gave me the googly-eyes and said to me “Okay, what am I supposed to like about this?” Well, this is David Webb, who is America’s fine, one of America’s finest designers it’s 18 karat and platinum ——

Host: Wow!

David: All enamel with diamonds and rubies but the beauty is that. This doesn’t sell so well necessarily here in the States but we have a big clientele for this in the far east.

david webb brooch 1

Host: Okay, see that’s what, what we won’t know and that’s what you know, so tell me what is the value of this.

David: A piece I got should bring around fifteen to seventeen thousand.

Host: Okay, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Now actually, I —— I’m picking it up and I can tell it’s heavy.

David: Yup!

Host: But, but you know the untrained I would be like “Yeah! Costume jewelry, what! Seventeen thousand dollars ——

David: Fifteen to seventeen and all this pieces.

Host: And just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean somebody else will but that’s what you can help me do, right? Take this pieces.

David: It’s more different. It’s so true, Terrie I mean we can look at the gramophone, do you like it?

Host: Cool piece! Cool piece!

David: Okay, may I see. And everybody is attracted, I mean you could look at this art. Now this is all brass with nickel plated from the 60’s —–

gramophone zimbalist 1

Host: It’s so great!

David: From the Zimbalist company and this actually plays ——

Host: Yeah like ——

David: And has all the, all the cassettes in it.

Host: Oh my gosh!

David: Literally, you could actually open this ——

Host: This is ——

David: And it was done in Switzerland.

Host: Look at this! This is a cool piece, right.

David: And you can see and the box has all the, the songs in it and everybody.

Host: Talking about, you mean gift ideas huh hahahah.

David: Correct! And you know everybody has something different. This necklace is Tiffany. What we do is, what our goal is, is most importantly is to come to tell you. Look what you have.

Host: Yes.

David: You know we had a gentleman on the other day that I’m working on a jade ring. Jade is one of those items that very few people understand. He thought that it was worthless. Now I’m, I’m I’m having it checked and I’ve gotten the first result and it looks like it could be a ten to twenty thousand dollar piece of Jade.

Host: So, Oh my gosh! Okay. hahahah

David: And I get so excited to be able to tell him that ——

Host: Pick up the phone.

David: Because I said to him my instincts tell me “We need to check these”. And he said to me “If it’s your instincts ——

Host: Go for it.

David: …Here, check it”

Host: You got it. You know what here’s the thing, how how long have you been doing these David?

David: Thirty five years and in the diamond and jewelry business and it’s my passion.

Host: And, and on top of that he’s got a complete staff, 2 different locations but people will help with the research. So somebody sends in a photo maybe they can’t get to you. They send in a photo, ah just give us, give you as much information as much as you possibly can.

David: A photo, an email, a phone call, just give us a little information. Our job is to work for


Host: Like it.

David: Okay, it’s not to buy it as cheap as we can or the low, the littlest we can.

Host: And that’s the point, uhm it’s a whether it’s a loan or whether it’s an outright am selling to you. Uhm if it’s something that and I this is just a perfect example even if it’s something that you think “You know what this is just not my style”, as you mentioned it, it is somebody else’s style.

David: It is somebody else’s style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Host: Actually I’m just thinking that it looks really pretty on my sweater.

David: And you see their coming back now ——

Host: I like it!

David: So, if you’ve ever had something ——

Host: And it’s only seventeen thousand dollars.

David: No, not for you.

Host: Oh! Fifteen.

David: Now if you’ve ever had something that’s in a family, in a house, you have an at stake, you wanna know what’s something is worth. Please give us that opportunity, I think you’ll find a huge different between the way that we do business at Biltmore and everyone else because we love what we do.

Host: Let me, you’re so cute. Let me give you the information. [email protected], Scottsdale location: (480) 991-LOAN, Chandler location: (480) 705-LOAN, or buy the items by that cool pen right there at

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