Recap: Biltmore Loan buys Vintage Men’s Accessories like Dupont Lighters, Mont Blanc Pens, LV briefcase

Host: If you are a collector or maybe you’ve been inherited some collectible items along the way and you wanna know what they’re really worth. Our next guest and his team they are experts, they can certainly help you. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan he is here this morning to tell us what they can do to bring value to your collectibles. Great to see you!


David: It is good to be back.

Host: It’s good to have you back!

David: I have been gone for three weeks for those of you who are avid watchers….

Host: We’re so excited that you’re back this morning give you big hugs. Well you brought some interesting things — lighters, pens, briefcases. Why?


David: You know we talk, week after week and those who you have seen me, we bring value to stuff and stuff could be jewelries, stuff could be cars, stuff could be lands, stuffs could be antiques collectibles memorabilia but today’s stuff that we use as an example was a little bit more men’s accessories and here you see some vintage great vintage dupont lighters…

Host: Beautiful.

David: …Uhm, there are this some great Mont Blanc and cross pens here that you’ll see here I love that DuPont lighters…

Host: That’s gorgeous.

David: …I mean just great piece of history. And then this is one of my favorites, this is a beautiful Louis Vuitton briefcase…

Host: briefcase, and it looks like it’s never been worn.

David: ... that’s never been actually used and I’m gonna open it up just to show you and what’s amazing about it is the tags have literally never been tied, never been used and what’s really interesting is this has the original invoice from 2010 and it’s never been used.

Host: Alright, so I have to ask you what’s the prize for something like this brand new?

David: In 2010, this was $4,600 and today its a little over $6,000 and it’s never been…

Host: Wow, look at the appreciation!


David: Yes…

Host: And what did you get it for?

David: …And this is something that will be on our site so we’re not gonna tell you what we actually paid for but this is gonna range in anywhere from 30 to 50% off of the retail.

Host: So consumers out there, you can buy this.

David: You could by close to half the retail…

Host: Wow! That’s great.

David: …And then what I thought was really interesting is today I brought you a great collection of for men pens and this one in particular is really fabulous. This is a Montegrappa pen and this is all sterling over enamel and this is the Bruce Lee its called and is limited edition and this retails is $5,700. This are all Visconti pens and…

Host: Are this for sale too?

David: …Mont Blanc and these will all be online for sale and what’s fabulous about these are, these are some of the finest pens you’ll see in the world and there are lots of pen collectors.

Host: And what a beautiful collection! I mean it’s gorgeous.

David: A beautiful collection even with the original pen box and to more Cartier and DuPont lighters.

Host: You do everything!


David: It really isn’t about the product what we really like talk about is about if you have a really a reason to still use this things and if you don’t, come to a place that will bring real value to them not consignment turning it into money instantly and we have experts that will tell you the values.

Host: Well gosh it’s like you’re my head I was just about to ask you we use to use the term expert. For those watching what does that mean to them as a consumer?

David: You know I’ve been, I’ve come from a jewelry business for 35 years I’m a gemologist and I’m in the diamond business and I see so often people taken a piece of jewelry somewhere and I’ll say you know I got an expert opinion. I think expert is probably one of most loosely used terms in the trade and I think that that’s the difference between Biltmore and anywhere else that you go. That is the Biltmore differences. We have about 85 years of…

Host: Comprehensive?

David: Comprehensive. Thank you for the word. Comprehensive, the experience and I think you will see the difference if you come in by, if you have something that you wanted to sell loan on or just literally just get rid of.


Host: And the beautiful part is guess what you can buy some of these items too so David’s gonna be with us throughout the morning so we’re gonna come back with him ’cause he’s got some incredible Native American jewelry that you’re gonna wanna see. So to find out how much your stuff is worth, how much you maybe worth from the experts, email them at [email protected]. Give them a call for a free evaluation. For the Scottsdale location, (480) 991-loan, that’s (480)-991-5626 or their Chandler location, (480) 705-loan, (480) 705- 5626 or visit them online and all of these items that we talked about that are gonna be for sale that website is