Can’t Afford a Gift for Valentine’s?

Valentine's GiftWith January coming to a close, we’re sure plenty of men (and women) out there are racking their brains to come up with a gift for this year’s valentine’s. And while we at Biltmore advocate the intangible professions of love, we’re also advocates of showering your significant other with tokens of appreciation they can touch, feel, and use.

However, how does one go about affording a gift this Valentine’s if we’ve just gotten past the recent holidays and we don’t have money set aside for the season of hearts?

Turn to us, where we turn your assets into cash.

Sell your Items to Biltmore Loan

Sell your jewelry to Biltmore Loan – Gold, Silver, Turquoise, diamonds loose or otherwise, Biltmore can give you a competitive rate that is UNSEEN in the Arizona valley.

What kind of items do we buy? Aside from jewelry, we also consider collectibles in the art, sports, and pop culture sphere. We also consider estate sales, coins (gold/silver). Our tagline is

“We Buy or Loan on Most Anything you Own”

So bring us your item and let us appraise it for free, at no obligation. In fact, we encourage you to shop around for other shop rates. What sets us apart is the experience you’ll get from selling your item to us. Fast, professional experience of selling your item without the pawnshop feel.

Do you have a designer handbag you haven’t used in a while that’s still in great condition? Come on over and we’ll buy it from you and you get cash to grab the newest model off the store shelves.

Loan your items to Biltmore Loan

Can’t let go of that heirloom art deco jewelry your grandmother gave you as a child? Then DON’T! We can loan on your item – in fact, we do loans on majority of assets such titles of cars, rvs, motorcycles, we even consider land equity loans. We will work with you on a suitable interest rate and period so you can pay off your loan properly and on time.

Given the options above in order to obtain a substantial amount of cash, do you still have an excuse not to give your loved one a Valentine’s Day that’s one for the books?

Call us today or fill out our forms and we’ll give an honest appraisal of your item and afterwards, give you time to think if you want to take out a loan or sell your item. Easy breezy, you can step out of our office with cash in your hand!

Img c/o Pixabay.