Why the Cartier Love Bracelet Is Worth the Investment

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Love Bracelet Bangle Cuff Size 16Did you know that the Cartier LOVE Bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever crafted? Designed by Aldo Cipullo in New York City, it is one of fashion’s most-coveted items since its release in 1969. The bracelet quickly became a must-have item for the city’s richest and most fashion-forward denizens.

It may seem overly excessive to drop the price of a second-hand car on a bracelet, but the famous piece is worth the investment for many reasons. It’s a symbol of history, art, and sentimentality. The bracelet is suitable as a wedding gift (to lock in that love forever), as a 16th, 18th, or 21st birthday present, and even as a reward to yourself for reaching goals and milestones.

Innovative, Luxury Design

The Love Bracelet has a multifaceted appeal. Everyone—from the fashion industry to celebrities and influencers—loves its chic, intricate, and innovative design. Cartier offers a choice between yellow, blush, and white gold, along with the option to add diamonds in place of its signature screws. The Love Bracelet is a must-have in any jewelry collection, man or woman, young or mature, statement piece enthusiast or modern minimalist.

Inspired by the ideals of everlasting love, the bracelet’s one-of-a-kind quality lies in its locking mechanism. Rather than slipping onto your wrist, Cipullo designed two C-shaped halves unhinge to clasp together. But there’s more. Before locking the bracelet in, the clasp must be secured with a specially designed miniature screwdriver included with each bracelet. This reinforces the idea that love is a serious matter, that it should not be taken lightly.

A Symbolism of Love

According to Cipullo himself, “Love has become too commercial, yet life without love is nothing — a fat zero. What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent, or, at least, require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”

Lore surrounds Cartier Love Bracelets. As the story goes, the bracelet could initially only be purchased by couples who would surrender the screwdrivers to one another. When Cipullo and Cartier introduced the bracelet, they further cemented its romantic symbolism by giving them to high-profile celebrity pairs like Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen, as well as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Cipullo always had a knack for turning the seemingly simple into the stunningly irreverent and significant, making Love Bracelets worthy investment pieces for couples — and even for singles.

High-End Qualities

Today, a Cartier Love Bracelet can range anywhere between $6,000 to $11,000 USD. If you are interested in reselling yours, the earning potential is profoundly influenced by its size, metal type, and overall style. Here is a quick guide to how these factors ultimately affect how much you can earn from selling yours.

  • Metal Type: The Cartier Love Bracelet was only available in yellow gold plating during its debut in 1969. Cartier has since expanded into solid yellow, white, and rose gold. Despite the diverse array of metal hues available today, the classic yellow gold continues to lead as the most sought-after metal type for the Cartier Love Bracelet, therefore, having the highest resale value. However, the trendier rose gold is also a fan favorite with a substantially high resale value. Meanwhile, although white gold is still a favorite by many, it’s not as in demand as the former.
  • Diamonds: Breaking free of traditions and staying on top of trends, Cartier now offers Love Bracelets in a myriad of diamond and gemstone combinations. These include thoroughly covered pavé versions and bracelets adorned with garnet and amethyst stones in place of screws. Love Bracelets with gemstones retail far above the classic Love Bracelet. And although diamonds usually yield a higher resale value (since they are expensive, to begin with), they are not as popular as the classic Cartier Love Bracelet.
  • Style: Through the years, Cartier has released a series of Love Bracelet models, allowing for diversity to suit different styles and trends. In February 2017, Cartier veered away from its iconic design by releasing a thinner version of the Love Bracelet. Unlike its predecessor locked with a screwdriver, the new addition to the Love line includes a self-fastening closure to symbolize independence and self-love.

Although today’s Love bracelets remain close to Cipullo’s original design, innovations were necessary as the piece rose to fame. Senior Director of Authentication, Graham Wetzbarger explains that “Since its inception, the LOVE bracelet has been immensely popular.” To protect the brand and ensure consumers are getting the real deal, he adds that “Early models did not have serial numbers. Due to the countless counterfeits on the market, Cartier began engraving each piece of jewelry with a one-of-a-kind number kept on file at Cartier headquarters.”


Is Your Love Bracelet Authentic?

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Love Bracelet Bangle Cuff Size 16 image 3

Many have tried to mimic the splendor of a Cartier Love Bracelet. Aside from checking the serial number for authenticity, one way to determine if yours is authentic (especially if it’s an original from the 70s) is to examine the hallmarks and logos closely. Every Cartier Love Bracelet is stamped with a “hallmark” indicating the metal quality.

18K Gold Love Bracelets are stamped with 18K or marked with the numerals 750. Meanwhile, Platinum Love Bracelets are engraved with the digits 950. If those hallmarks are not on your bracelet, there’s a high possibility that you are in possession of a fake.

Additionally, remember to feel its weight and evaluate the overall quality. Across its entire collection, Cartier only uses the highest quality and most durable of gold and platinum metals. The weight of the bracelet is a dead giveaway of its authenticity. Depending on the size and metal, a Cartier Love Bracelet weighs anywhere between 30 and 38 grams. Fake bracelets are often much lighter than their authentic counterparts. Also, examine areas of discoloration or chipping as they are indicators of an ingenuine piece.

Cartier, being a renowned brand, is also incredibly meticulous with their quality control. Therefore, the screws of the Love Bracelet should always be in perfect alignment.

Is It Worth the Investment?

From unsurpassed quality to its beautiful representation of partnership and self-love, this bracelet is not only special, but it’s something you can treasure forever, potentially becoming a family heirloom that gets handed down for generations. Worth the investment? We believe so.

Let Professionals Authenticate Your LOVE Bracelet

A classic Cartier Love Bracelet can resell for $5,000, with some variations reselling for over $8,000. If you are in possession of a legitimate Cartier piece or have any questions about the authenticity of your Love Bracelet, visit our locations for a free market appraisal. Contact us today at 480-991-5626 for Scottsdale.

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