David ♥ Antique Jewelry

Hi, David Goldstein here owner Biltmore loan and I am smiling this morning and you know why I’m smiling because I’m with what I love. I love antique jewelry brand jewelry, Cartier, David Webb demantoid garnets, the rarest Garnet known to man from Russia. Turn of the century. Look at the Lapis and turquoise beautiful brooch pendant and 1970s Cartier necklace. A Schlumberger bracelet. Lunas from Greece or 22 karat gold, one of my favorites, the art deco period I’m just stocked with beautiful fabulous one of a kind pieces, and then something all of us can relate to men. Eat your hearts out. There it is gentlemen, the men’s Rolex stainless steel Daytona with papers. This is a 1990s watch, in mint condition collectible. I’m paying top prices for 1970s Rolex sport models so if you’ve got one, bring it in. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Come on in and let’s have some fun and look at your trinkets together.