Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!

Host: Ah, you need some cash, maybe for the holidays, maybe a small business, or maybe a family emergency. We’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and you were talked a lot about. And we see all kinds of interesting things on the table that you bring us every week, David. But really the bottom line is the unique service that you bring to the consumers. Would you call yourself a bank?

David: You know, we like to compare ourselves to the bank because basically most people that have been said no to, come to us and that’s really where we are our most efficient. And one of the creeds that I think is so important for Biltmore, is we talk about integrity, flexibility, and creativity.

Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!

Host: Aha.
David: Because many times people are in a situation and they’re not sure how to get out of that. So, we have to be creative. We have to be flexible. We have to look on a lot of different things. That’s really what separates us so much from a bank.

Host: Right.

David: And all their lenders who are little more loaning to own. We are really compared to a bank. We are short-term bridge loans, and always trying to solve the issue.

Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!

Host: You’re not necessarily gonna be able to. This is the piece you showed us earlier that somebody thought was costume jewelry, 5 figures. You’re not gonna be able to bring this into a bank, and say “Hey, can you guys help me out for 6 months.”

David: Right.

Host: That’s just not gonna happen. But when they come into Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, that’s exactly what can happen. Now, what if I don’t wanna loan. What if I wanna sell outright? How can you help me know and me feel confident that I’m giving the most I possibly can for an item, and that’s probably important to me.

David: A really fair question. One is we promote comparison. We want you to be an educated shopper.

Host: Okay.

David: We want you to go get offers. The more offers you get, the better generally that we look. With our creed of just, honesty, and integrity, that’s all we have. I say to my son on a daily basis, once you sell that you can never buy it back, your reputation. So, there is no price. So, I have been here in the valley 35 years and it’s, I went to high school here, went to college here. I think my place in the community is so important to make sure that my customers are happy and they can trust us.

Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!

Host: Yes, and that’s really the important part of this whole thing is that and I know how important that is too, because people often come back to you over and over and over. And most importantly, recommends you. What would you wanna say to all of the viewers out there who’ve been with you for 35 fast years?

David: First, I like to say thank you very much for everybody. I wanna wish everybody a great holiday and thank everybody for being a customer of ours and knowing that if you come back, that we’re gonna be there.

Host: Yeah.

David: Always.

Host: And on top of that growing and expanding. I wanna talk just real quickly about the two locations that you currently have. The one in Scottsdale, you encourage people to make an appointment. If you have items such as, you know, some of the high dollar items, you know what, maybe you just, you’ll want to be discreet about it. You know, sometimes, situations can be someone embarrassing. You make an appointment here and you uphold the integrity of every person that walks through that front door. (Update – you no longer need to set an appointment for both our locations in Scottsdale and Chandler – just walk in!)

Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!

David: It is private. It is confidential and it’s much faster and easier than a bank. It can be done in 24 hours. It can be done in 2 hours. It can be done in a half hour, but there is no credit necessary. And we really do try to be as flexible as we can.
Host: And the other option is the Chandler location which you could just walk into if you have some hand hide, you know, hand held item that you can carry in. You just simply, maybe, wanna know what the value is. You do that right on site?

David: You can bring that right in. If you’d like to, if it’s something that’s larger than that, you send us an e-mail. We will do that research for you. When it comes to appointment, we need more information. We’ll get that. But we would try to expedite that to get that dollars faster as possible.

Host: Yeah but he’s so good, chances are, you’ll just look at something and go, “Oh I know what that is!”

David: That’s 35 years experience.

Host: That’s 35 years experience, alright. So, to find out, you know what. You might have something important to you. You might be looking to loan or sell on it. Here’s what you wanna do. You wanna send a photo of it. Any paper works associated with it, take a picture of it, [email protected], as much information as you know about the item as possible. Call 480-991-5626 LOAN to get in touch with our Scottsdale location. To call Chandler, 480-705-5626 LOAN. You can also learn more at And guess what, some of the items that David brings us every week that are so interesting, you might be able to buy them. Visit No appointments required.

Recap: Need some cash this holiday? Biltmore can help!