Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank


Host: And we are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. And we are talking about the way is he can really help you get some cash for items that you have in your home already. We’re talking specifically jewelry today, but you do an array of things.

Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank

David: We do. And we’ve said it over the last two years, you know, it could be a piece of art. It could be an antique, collectible, could be porcelain or China or glassware flatware and silver. You know, let use us. We’re very different concept basically, what I want to do is I want you to bring that product in and we’re gonna do the research. If we do not know the value of it, we will find it out. We will do the work with you and what we try to do so often is find the best vehicle for you to either sell this or liquidated or if you don’t want to, then just finding them the most value for it. So that we can loan the most of it. I really give somebody all the options and as I say all the time, it’s very easy to buy cheap. To buy cheap is as simple as so many people out there that want to buy dollars for $0.50 and I say, that’s so easy to do. And I’m not teaching my son who’s in the business and just came into the business, in my diamond business, and I explain to him every day, it’s the person who can pay 90% of the value and still make 10% and make both people happy that’s an ex-prime.

Host: The beautiful part about this I’ve been to your offices both locations and you do such a good job of protecting the customer. Why is that so important?

Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank

David: Because anonymity and somebody’s private life is not everybody’s business. This is done no different than a president-private banking. For years, people went to the bank and they got loans. And they went to Eden and they were talked to the head of the bank and shake his hand hit say how many had a cattle you have and make a loan. Those days are long gone, the red tape and technology, and we see it now with the Internet. And what’s going on with all this growth how so frequently people don’t don’t actually have the right avenue to find, to sell this. So, what we do, we’re experts in it and we do that research. We don’t want to buy a cheap, we want to get you the most you can.

Host: And David and his team, you guys travel. You just said it in the first segment. You’ve been to three different shows already this year. You really are trying to find out what is trending. What’s happening in diamonds? What’s happening in jewelry and artwork and that’s of course, benefits us, the consumer.

David: It benefits everybody. That the more knowledge we have, the more power we have and the more power we have the more that we can pay for something more, that we can loan on something the more we can help people.

Host: And I know these, the items over a million dollars here on the table, these are all, you know signed items, but what about the things that are not signed? Does it matter?

Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank

David: Regular jewelry, as we say, is about 98% of all jewelry. That’s why when we talk about signed pieces if you should have something sign, do not undersell yourself. Don’t go somewhere where it’s going to be a limited venue, where they have a limited amount of people to sell it to. We expose all around the world and that’s really the important thing. So, regular jewelry, of course, we buy. And we buy on a regular basis but that’s the difference between Biltmore and most of the places that you’re gonna go to is we’re gonna expose it to the entire world, to try to bring it the finest and highest value.

Host: And not only that, once you do take pieces that people no longer want, you sell it, which is which is another, you know, prong of what you guys do.

David: Yes and that could be, I mean, from designer handbags and you’ll see us have Hermes, you’ll see us have Chanel, that kind of thing. We tried to make ourselves as knowledgeable about products we can. If in fact you hit us on an item that I may not know, that someone in our team doesn’t know, I assure you that we will do all that research for you and make sure that we know everything and anything there is to get the most value.

Host: Alright, we have 30 seconds, rapid-fire. You’re not a pawnshop.

David: No, we’re a new bank. You gonna walk into a very exclusive building or very exclusive office and be handled like a professional.

Host: Love that, with our anonymity protected. What is your favorite piece on the table today, coz I have a few that I’m eyeing?

David: Well, Cartier happens to be one of my favorite designers and Van Cleef just down to a little simple heart shaped like this which is just super…

Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank

Host: Oh perfect for Valentine’s Day even afterward. If you’ve got some items in your closet or in your jewelry box, email them [email protected]. That is how you get to David and his team, if you want to go to Scottsdale, there are no appointments needed and 480 991 5626 is the number to call. In Chandler, they do accept walk-ins there. So, if you have some items go walk on in 480 705 LON and the website and to buy items

Recap: Biltmore Loan is the New Bank