Recap: Let’s talk Diamond Jewelry!


Host: Are you trying to pay down some bills and it seems that you’ve just fallen behind? And if you’re needing some short-term help to help ends meet too. Well, there is help out there and it’s not a bank. This is the guy. If you have some items of value, David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan can help you out, help get over the hump you like to say. So, for those not familiar, what do you do?

Recap: Let's talk Diamond Jewelry!

David: You know we, we’re not just lenders, we buy and loan on properties. The property could be in this particular situation, we’re using a vehicle of jewelry. But we actually do antiques, collectibles, art, land, cars. We do a platter of different products that we loan on in a very professional environment. It is basically the new bank where we used to saying yes when the bank says no.

Host: Right and we want you just to understand that the value on this table. This table is dripping in diamonds. You sent over a million plus in diamonds just on this table. This is from people’s jewelry box. This is, they are not wearing any more.

David: And it’s such a common thing that we hear so often. What today really my biggest point is signed jewelry. And signed jewelry means we’re looking at pieces here from Cartier, from Henry Dunay, from Chopard, from Patek Philippe from the finest designer in the world, Van Cleef and Arpels is a heart shape.

Recap: Let's talk Diamond Jewelry!

Host: What’s this one?

David: Graff. This is Van Cleef. This is Patek. This is from Fred Joaillier.

Host: We showed this one in the image, in the tease.

David: Probably the finest pair Cartier earrings have ever seen.

Host: How much?

David: Those retailed for $535,000. They have the original invoice. That probably the finest pair of emeralds have ever seen.

Recap: Let's talk Diamond Jewelry!

Host: So, we have one of these items David, what do we need to do to make sure we get the most value? I know it’s in their original box, do we need any papers?

David: Any paperwork that you have with it always accentuates the value of it and makes the provenance so much easier for it to be sold. I just got back. Had been on the road during the Miami Antique Show, the Tucson Gem Show and then we were doing Gem Shopping TV and we see a very, very strong trend towards fine and signed pieces. So it’s sort of the same way as when the stock market gets weak, there’s a flight to quality and they instantly want to go to either the US Dollar or gold or the top stocks same in jewelry. So, if you have a Van Cleef, a Cartier, a Tiffany, a signed piece of jewelry, David Webb, Oscar Heyman and you see all these examples here of these fine designers. We will pay the top prices for those and/or loan the top prices because we have an ever-growing customer base of collectors for this.

Host: And this is one of my favorite pieces on the table as well. The eyes and here the Emerald eyes, it’s absolutely exquisite. They turn oh my gosh. When you get a piece in, what do you say when you say some of these pieces?

Recap: Let's talk Diamond Jewelry!

David: If I see a fine piece of jewelry if it’s viable or I can work with it. I’m gonna pay top price for it. I have the best customers in the world and I travel around the world to meet them and collectors for it. So, if somebody should have a fine piece, don’t undersell yourself come in and come to Biltmore, get that. I’m 35 years in diamonds and jewelry and if you have something fine I’m personally gonna see you to make sure that you get their value.

Host: Let’s talk about that very quickly, have about 30 seconds. Explain what someone’s getting when they come to you because I don’t think you understand he just got back from a humongous show, several shows. What does that bring to the value and something I have because you’re up there doing the work?

David: You know, it’s interesting that was about seventy-three billion dollars in jewelry sales last year in the US. And if you think about that, I basically have a hundred and fifty billion dollar market because I’m going all over the world. I’m selling to the Italians, the Germans, the Hong Kong, the Asian market, the Indian market. So, expose your jewelry to the best customers, in the best collectors, it will make a difference.

Host: Expose yourself to this guy! Not in that way, but in a good way. Alright. If you got some…

David: I will expose it for you.

Host: If you’ve got some items that you have, that you think are worth some value, send them, of course, to David. Email them [email protected]. His team will do the work for you. You can call for a free evaluation. The Scottsdale location, 480 991 5626. Their Chandler location 480 705 LOAN, walk-ins to the Chandler location are accepted. The website or if you wanna buy something you see on the table today,

Recap: Let's talk Diamond Jewelry!