Five Popular Goyard Bags Ready for Resale

A designer bag is not mere extravagance; it’s also about investment, value retention, and owning something that can serve you for decades. Goyard, the house of the first Parisian trunk makers, has amassed a dedicated following among high-fashion lovers and collectors. Amidst the Gucci Marmonts, Dior Ladies, Chanel Boys, and Louis Vuitton Speedies of the world are the stunning bags from this brand — sophisticated, stylish, and somehow everywhere and nowhere. Goyard seldom grants interviews and maintains minimal activity on social media platforms. However, it firmly establishes itself within the luxury sector, gracing the arms and shoulders of Usher, Bella Hadid, David Beckham, Rihanna, Zoe Saldaña, and many others in the know.

If you’ve ever spotted a leather bag covered in a unique, Y-shaped interlocking pattern, Goyard’s bags are already on your radar.


The Story Behind Goyard’s Dotted Pattern

Founded as the House of Martin by Pierre-François Martin in 1792, Goyard is one of the oldest trunk makers globally. François Goyard, an apprentice, became head of the company after Louis-Henri Morel, Martin’s son-in-law and successor, died in 1852. He renamed the company to House of Goyard in 1853.

The brand’s notable feature is its bags crafted from Goyardine-coated canvas, adorned with ‘Y’ shaped dots as a nod to the family name. The pattern also resembles log stacks, representing the Goyard family’s history in the log-driving trade. Initially hand-painted onto each handbag, the Goyardine pattern transitioned to mechanized etching and stenciling to meet growing demand and ensure uniformity. This shift in production methods began around 2006.


Goyard Bags With the Highest Resale Value

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular designer handbags from this 200-year-old Parisian brand.

1. Goyard Saint Louis

In 2023, Saint Louis tote bags retained 112% of their original retail price. Typically, bags released in the same year command the highest resale prices, with some pieces fetching nearly double their original price. Among shoppers, demand is strongest for the Saint Louis PM size (3″ x 10″ x 5.5″). The special Claire-Voie collection yields exceptionally high returns.

Goyard originally designed the Saint Louis as a reversible beach bag. If you turn it inside out, the Goyardine canvas can hold damp clothes and towels. This bag became popular during the early 2000s, especially among celebrities like Hilary Duff, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams.

Reasons to Sell Your Goyard Saint Louis

Many are fetching over 100% of their retail price. Unsurprisingly, black Saint Louis totes, despite their lower retail price (due to simpler manufacturing processes), resell for prices comparable to their colorful counterparts in the secondary luxury market.


2. Goyard Anjou

The Goyard Anjou bag maintains an average resale value of up to 84% of its original retail price. Among its three sizes (Mini, PM, and GM), the Mini Anjou has the best resale value. Recently released versions in excellent condition sell quickly, ensuring prompt returns.

The Anjou is somewhat of an extension of the Saint Louis collection, which explains their design similarities. Aside from the Anjou’s more boxy shape, it has Chevroches leather on the reverse instead of raw canvas. This bag has a fitting and carefully considered name, as it pays homage to Charles I of Anjou, the younger brother of Saint Louis.

Reasons to Sell Your Goyard Anjou

Mini bags are more popular than ever, and Goyard performs exceptionally well in the secondary luxury market. Over 60% of Goyard mini bags sell within 30 days of listing.


3. Goyard Belvédère

On average, the Goyard Belvédère maintains approximately 90% of its original retail price in the secondary market. Distinguishing features between older and newer models include two buckle closures versus a single pull-through closure on the front flap. Overall condition significantly influences resale value, with many well-maintained or new Belvédère bags selling above average.

The Belvédère draws inspiration from the “belvederes” above Clamecy in central France and the tool-carrying bags of local timber raftsmen.

Reasons to Sell Your Goyard Belvédère

The Belvédère’s resale value continues to rise, with average selling prices up by 185% annually. Demand for this style surged since late 2021, with PM sizes routinely fetching over $2,300 compared to approximately $2,000 in spring 2022.


4. Goyard Cap-Vert

Cap-Vert bags hold up to 97% of their original retail price, on average. While all color variations are high in demand in the secondary luxury market, classic black is the top choice.

The aesthetic of Goyard trunks, including the creased leather panels around the zip on the trunk edging, inspired the Cap-Vert. It is the perfect on-the-go companion with its long crossbody strap, spacious interior, zipped closing system, and compact design.

Reasons to Sell Your Goyard Cap Vert

Its average selling price has increased by almost $100 year over year. With limited availability in the second-hand market and rising resale value, you can expect a quick and lucrative return on investment.


5. Goyard Plumet

The Plumet crossbody maintained 111% of its retail price in 2023, as limited store availability drove up prices in the secondary market. Black remains an ever-popular choice, although blue and green variations have also commanded up to 114% of their original retail value.

Introduced in 2018, the Plumet crossbody takes inspiration from the pochette in the Saint Louis tote. Its name honors French harbor workers, who drove timber rafts along the River Seine.

Reasons to Sell Your Goyard Plumet

Being one of Goyard’s few mini crossbody bags, pre-loved designer buyers are willing to pay a premium regardless of production year. 


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