Get Cash for Items You Didn’t Know Were High Value

The pandemic has hit so many people in different ways, and if money is an issue, you may have some resources of which you are unaware. At Biltmore Loan in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ, they can give you a loan, or you can get cash for your high-end items. The person you have to see is the owner of Biltmore Loan, David Goldstein.

He has spent the past three decades in the jewelry and antique business. A devoted and extremely knowledgeable collector of unique estate jewelry and antique collectibles, he knows their value. You may have some old jewelry found in your deceased relative’s jewelry box that you think is not worth much but actually has a high value.

Native American Jewelry

You may have some Native American jewelry sitting around. Because we’re in the southwest, it’s a very popular accessory, and it can be worth a lot more than you would think, especially since silver prices have risen.

Many women may now have a piece of native jewelry in their jewelry box, depending on who made it, that can bring 125 dollars or bring 300 dollars. Then you’re going to have pieces made by a famous Native American artist that David is a buyer for at five thousand dollars.

David Goldstein moved here in the 70s and started in native jewelry, and that’s how his business got started. Now, many of these old pawn pieces are very collectible, and there are many collectors for Native American jewelry.

David says he sells a ton of native american

jewelry on the Gem Shopping Network on television. So, he is aggressively looking to buy native jewelry. If you have something special, you don’t just come into Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and throw it on the scale. They bring a whole different outlook on the way you can get cash for your item/s. Try them out, and you will find for Biltmore, customer service is very important.

Get the most cash for your items

Biltmore tries to fill a void for those with interesting, unusual things that can’t go for bank loans. You don’t want to go to a consignment shop. You will hear the price they’re going to sell it for, and it sounds like a lot, but you’re only getting 50 percent of that. Then if they don’t sell it right away, you get 40 percent, and it keeps going down the longer it takes.

Biltmore Loan & Jewelry are product experts, and if there’s a market for what you have, they can either give you a loan on it or buy it outright. If they purchase your treasure, it doesn’t always matter what the piece is exactly. Biltmore can find a market for it. In this way, you get the most cash for it, as it is not based on time. You get your much-needed cash right away!

The four D’s

So many people are separated physically, so they don’t get to talk about the good things that have happened during this period. Customers who are engaged or getting married call Biltmore for diamond rings and gifts for their bridesmaids and that sort of need. God forbid the bad things that happen like deaths in the family. But that’s where David and Biltmore Loan and Jewelry come in to help folks who need cash badly.  

David talks about the “four D’s” – divorce, death, downsizing, and debt that drive people to seek someone to give them a fair price for their assets they want to get a loan on or sell. Some have to move. They may be unable to stay up with their rent or are getting divorced. He sees that as a huge thing going on right now.

When you move, you want to downsize and declutter, and you have all these different situations people are finding themselves in. If you have things you want to loan on or sell for any of these reasons or others, he will talk to you about the options you have.

Say, for instance, you’re collecting your “stuff” and bring it to Biltmore. You can take a loan on it if you so choose. David or another professional buyer will evaluate your item and walk you through the buy/loan process. They will sit with you and talk to you about the pros and cons of a loan. They may tell you, for example, if you’re not going to wear the native jewelry you want a loan for, just sell it. If you still wear it and collect it and want it – wonderful, they will give you a loan.

Get a FREE evaluation with their expert buyers

The Biltmore Loan and Jewelry team are certified experts who have purchased and appraised nearly every type of high-end valuable imaginable. They are the perfect source for those interested in getting a loan or selling jewels, diamonds, art, vehicles, expensive watches, and handbags, among other valuables.

Instead of accumulating dust, turn your antiques into a source of income. Collectibles that are languishing in storage or the attic can be sold or used as collateral for a loan to help you get out of a bind. If you accept an offer from Biltmore for a loan or purchase, you’ll receive cash instantly.

You may use the appraisal form or visit the How It Works page for further information. At both of the Chandler and Scottsdale locations, walk-ins are welcome. There are no appointments needed.

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David and his team of expert buyers are ready to give you a free evaluation of your assets. High-value items, estate jewelry, antiques, or unique one-of-a-kind items, and more, they are aggressively looking for them. All you have to do is contact Biltmore Loan and Jewelry.

There are two locations, one in Scottsdale and one in Chandler. Call or Text Scottsdale 480-991-5626 or Chandler 480-705-5626. If you have any questions, reach out to their team. You can also go online to for more information and see the many luxury items they have for sale.