Get Money from Decluttering

Get Money from DeclutteringIt’s spring time again! You know what that means… spring cleaning! It’s that time of the year where we take a good look at the items in our home and pick out the ones we keep from the ones we need to ship out. Spring cleaning is no easy peasy. There are times you don’t want to throw things out because of several reasons – be it sentimental or financial value of the item.

In the event you decide to sell your items – we present to you quick and relatively easy ways to earn profit from your valuables:


The most common and simplest way of earning from your disposed things. Just let your friends or relatives know you have stuff for sale – items you don’t use anymore. Feeling entrepreneurial? Why not hold a Garage Sale? Just make sure to check the original price and then try to check how long it has been with you to come up with a relatively discounted yet still competitive price. It would definitely be hard to sell at original prices but at least you’ll be earning some money from it – better than nothing. The good thing about this method is you can see/meet/get to know your buyers and where your things will end up. The full profit is yours as well. Aside from the price, you’ll have to equip yourself with selling skills and a pinch of convincing power.


You can also do selling on the internet. There are websites to do the selling for you; one of them is marketplace giant eBay, while another is Craigslist. Selling online is a good method to dispose of your items because it opens you up to a wider market, which means more potential buyers. Some sites can charge a small fee once you get the item sold. Because buyers will only be able to see photos of the item, make sure your items’ photos are clear and bright to increase chances of it getting sold. As with all online eCommerce activities, be on the lookout for bogus buyers and beware of scams!


One of our taglines is “We Buy or Loan on Most Anything You Own”, so if you’re in the business of decluttering your house, we’re in the business of buying your valuables at rates unseen in the valley. From designer handbags, collectibles or practically any significant asset you may have collecting dust in your attic or basement, send us a photo or give us a call and we can make arrangements for you to visit our office or just drop by the Chandler/Scottsdale office if you’re nearby.

Decluttering is not a onetime thing – it’ a process which starts the first moment you even consider buying or getting an item. Do you need it? Are you just buying it because it’s on sale? Is it because it looks good on my room? While other items can serve as an investment to you (some items’ value goes up as time goes by), majority of your clutter will only collect dust.