A Macho Guide to Wedding Rings for Men (Part 1)

For the majority of people who make the romantic decision to get down on one knee, they often spend a considerable amount of time learning how to choose the right engagement ring. As a result, however, they sometimes forget about their own wedding band and end up with a piece of jewelry that may not suit their personal style.

How to Choose a Man’s Wedding Ring

Attention all gentlemen: Here is the ultimate guide you need about wedding rings before buying one for yourself.

What are the types of wedding bands?

You have five options for wedding bands:

  • Classic. Traditional and timeless, the classic wedding band is among the most popular options for men. Its sleek appearance with no stones, carvings, or other embellishments continue to be an all-time favorite.
  • Carved. Carved wedding bands add a modern twist to the classic look. Instead of having a smoother and more curved shape, these rings possess a beveled design with etched edges. For many husbands and grooms-to-be, this shape looks more interesting and masculine than the classic curved shape.
  • Diamond. If you want something with more sparkle and shine, then consider getting a diamond wedding band. After all, diamonds can be a man’s best friends, too. You can opt to have a single diamond, a row of diamonds, or choose other designs. 
  • Alternative. An alternative wedding ring is a product of non-traditional metals, including stainless steel or titanium. Its edges are usually beveled or rounded. Men who already wear rings, necklaces, and other forms of modern jewelry often prefer this option.
  • Silicone. These contemporary rings are made from medical-grade silicone. If you have an active lifestyle, a silicone wedding ring is ideal due to its secure yet comfortable fit. Plus, unlike other ring types, silicone does not get snagged on clothing. These bands are a good choice for firefighters, food service workers, and other busy professionals who can’t be bothered to remove their wedding ring (and are super proud to show off their marriage status).

What are the types of metal for rings?  David Yurman wedding band

Guys, let’s be real for a second. If you had to choose the perfect metal for your wedding ring, then you might pick vibranium or adamantium in a heartbeat. But much to every comic book enthusiast’s dismay, these metal alloys are fictional and only exist in the Marvel universe.

In hindsight, you still have plenty of wedding ring metal options, including:

  • Platinum. Platinum wedding bands for men are among the most popular choices due to their immense durability, hypoallergenic properties, and extreme rarity. As such, platinum is also one of the most valuable precious metals.
  • Palladium. Because palladium belongs to the platinum family, the two metals look and feel quite similar to each other. Palladium, however, is a softer metal, although it is still strong and durable.
  • White gold. This sought-after metal is made from real gold plated with rhodium, which is a soft metal found in the palladium family. While most white gold wedding rings are plated with rhodium, some jewelry artisans also use silver, nickel, and palladium. It is important to note, however, that although white gold will always have a beautifully bright white color, it can fade after ten years or so. Jewelry craftsmen must re-plate it to restore the ring’s original appearance.
  • Yellow gold. Yellow gold is a classic material for wedding bands. It achieves a soft and pleasant glow, which is noticeable yet discreet at the same time. Although 24-karat gold rings are high in demand, jewelry makers tend to combine gold with other types of metal to enhance its durability. Gold alone is very soft. Learn the difference between different gold karats here.
  • Rose gold. Rose gold is a famed metal, especially in recent years. It is a mix of real gold, copper, and sometimes silver. Depending on the exact amounts, a rose gold wedding ring will appear pink or reddish in color. Many men may not want a pink ring, but it does create a distinct and vintage look.
  • Other metals. Are you searching for something more non-traditional or less expensive? Try stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, or cobalt chrome—all of which are generally more affordable than platinum and gold jewelry.
  • Other materials. If you are looking for non-metal options for men’s wedding rings, as mentioned, you can opt for silicone. Wooden jewelry is also a unique and affordable alternative to metal varieties.

Does size matter? Yes

This information might confuse you, but gentlemen, there is a difference between a ring that fits and a ring that fits properly. Just because a ring slides on your finger with ease doesn’t mean it’s the right size for you.

If your ring is too big, even by a smidge, it can slip right off. Your investment is down the drain, which could mean figuratively and literally. On the other hand, if your wedding band is too small, then you can damage the circulation in your ring finger.

To find the right wedding ring size, the best option is to visit a jewelry store in-person and have a professional jeweler measure your finger.

If you will be shopping for men’s wedding rings online, another option is to use a virtual sizing tool. Although it may not be as accurate as a professional measurement, this tool is easy to use and will provide a starting point when ring shopping.

What’s the connection between body temperature and ring size? 

Guys, keep in mind that the temperature of your body plays an important role in determining the correct ring size. That’s right, the size of your finger can change depending on your temperature. For example, if the air around you is too humid, then your fingers can swell.

That being so, the best time to measure your ring size is when your body temperature is neutral. Before letting a professional measure your finger, hang out in the jewelry store for a few minutes — perhaps ask the jeweler these important questions — to let your temperature normalize.

In addition, there are many different causes of swollen fingers, including excessive salt in the body and having certain health conditions. Ensure to sort these issues first before you measure your ring finger. 

Wait, there’s more

This post is only part one of two in-depth articles about everything men should know about wedding bands. Next, the jewelry specialists here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry will discuss how to select the right width, shape, and fit for wedding rings. Truly, there is more work involved in choosing a wedding ring for men, and we look forward to giving you our expert advice.

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