Happy Birthday January Celebrants!

Happy Birthday January Celebrants!Happy Birthday January Celebrants! All birthday celebrants for each of the months of the year has their own corresponding birthstones. Hundreds of years ago, they assigned specific beautiful mineral stones to represent and give meaning to every month’s celebrants.

January celebrants’ birthstone is Garnet. It symbolizes loyalty and enduring affection. It also signifies eternal friendship, light heartedness, and trust. The word Garnet is derived from the latin word granatum, which means seed for the stone resembling a pomegranate seed. These precious gemstones are found mostly these days in Africa, Central Australia, Sri Lanka, North America and India.

Little do we know that garnet is in shade of red but then again it comes with different shades and colors as well. It’s variety of colors comes from metals like iron, calcium, aluminum, and manganese. Others contain fibers of the minerals which creates the illusion of a six-rayed star within every stone. They differ in some physical aspects such as the layers which can be seen when the light strikes at the surfaces of the stone or the weight or karat that it has. These differentiation are also believed to have effects on health, spiritual and physical energy of the wearer.

It has the same features as emerald and ruby. It has always been mistaken to be a ruby stone when it’s red and emerald when it’s color green.

FUN FACT: Green garnets are highly priced rather than pure red garnets for they are a rare type of gemstones. It has also its own color changing features when light or incandescent light bounces of the surface of the stone.

Ancient warriors usually have garnets put on their protective suits for it is believed to bring victory during wars and fights. Garnets are also used as important and precious ornaments in the Native Americans and Pre-Columbian eras. Its is also believed that garnets have healing powers on its own. During the Medieval period, garnets are believed to be used as protection against poison bearing things, wounds, and can even cure depression. It has also been used as bullets in ancient wars because it was believed that it can inflict severe wounds.

Nowadays, wearing gemstones specifically your own birthstone is a fashionable trend. Happy birthday again January Celebrants and may you have that precious gem Garnet in your hands today!