Recap: Biltmore Loan helps you liquidate your assets

blj2Host: We are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. We are talking about how he can help you find the value of the items that you have in your home and get really good money for them or maybe you wanna buy something that you see David feature here on the show but I wanna start with this: Why do you come on Sonoran Living?

David: You know that’s a great question I’ve been doing this now this is I think close to 3 years and I come we kept a week and I watched the show as well and what I find really interesting is how many people take and don’t have the time. I’m a really busy person and I find the time we kept a week because I think it’s imperative. it’s very very personal to me and what I do is very personal to people. When they need either a loan or they want to sell something or they just even in a situation where in a state needs to be liquidated, they wanted to– that’s personal to them. And I don’t think there’s a lot of people that you know a bank is personal about as long as you have enough assets, they’ll loan the money but those two percent the people don’t need the money so I come here week after week because I believe it’s personal and I think that we at Biltmore make a difference.blj4

Host: You know you call yourself you’re the new bank as what you like to say that’s kind of phrase you have coined for people who don’t understand what this is, why you have beautiful designer handbags and jewelry, what do you do for the clients?

David: In a very simple statement we buy our loan in most things you own so what you do is it’s very very very personal it’s very private it’s wherein Scottsdale and just north of Shea on Mercer and Scottsdale road our new location.

Host: Congratulations by the way.

David: Thank you which you seen the picture of now we’re really excited about you don’t need an appointment now, we have another one on 54th at Railroad in Chandler and soon to be opening in the West Valley. So what we try to do is give you, show you the Biltmore experience. Don’t come in and expect to go into a place where they’re going to say “This is what we’re gonna give” kind of thing. We don’t use coupons because coupons is one of the things I see so many these mailers and to me coupons is like an absolute guarantee than not paying you enough on a regular basis.

Host: Are you a pawnshop?


David: not even close. We don’t do guns, we don’t do musical instruments and bicycles. We do finer musical instruments, but we don’t do bicycles, firearms, TVs that type of thing electronics. We’re for up skill assets to turn significant assets into significant cash.

Host: And I have seen you bring uhm artwork into our studio and you have literally have gloves on, you’ve taken such good care of it but the possessions that you do get especially those of people want back.You take very fine care of them and you protect their reputation and who they are, their anonymity’s incredibly important to you.

David: It no different than a bank, you need your privacy. Your good should be handled the same way, your money should be handled carefully. So, it’s stored in an ensured, locked, safe environment. So, so many times people come into our short term situation where they’re not expected. You know, I was watching earlier the segment on social security and we talked about people who have an unexpected health issue, all of a sudden, and, now they’re caught a little short-handed. That’s what we can come in, give you either a short-term loan or sell some assets that have sitting a long time that you’re not using but in a professional upscale environment.

Host: You love what you do, don’t you?

David: We’re really passionate about what we do. And that’s why we come week after week, it’s to show you that it’s personal at Biltmore.

Host: Alright, if you’ve got something and you would like David and his team, you wanna know it’s worth, all you have to do is call (480) 991-5626 (LOAN) that’s the Scottsdale number. If you wanna call the Chandler location, (480) 705-5626 (LOAN). is the website and David does have a special website for those who wanna buy these incredible items: