How Bridge Loans Work

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Bridge loans are loans that are short term that are due normally in the coming year or upon a primary property’s sale. The primary property secures the loan and is used as the new property’s down payment. Due to the loan being short term, the rates of interest will normally be higher than the average mortgages and there are associated fees that come with this.

Have you ever wondered how bridge loans work? When applying for a bridge loan, the first thing you need to do is show that you are more than capable financially to pay both payments of the mortgage in the event the main property does not immediately sell. When it comes to these types of loans, you won’t need to make payments for the beginning months but in this time, there will be interest that accumulates.

Bridge Loan Uses

When buying property that you don’t have money for the down payment, you can use a bridge loan until the selling of your primary property. This could be a property investment or a home. A business might also use this type of loan to purchase locations for new offices as well as other commercial properties like warehouses. As a matter of fact, when it comes to partnerships, one partner in business can use a bridge loan to ‘buy out’ the other partner in certain circumstances.

Bridge Loan Benefits

Bridge loans can be used to purchase other property for business or as your own personal home without having to sell the office or home you have at the moment. In good markets where there are quick sales of real estate, this can come in as a very convenient option. It is only when the market happens to be slow at the moment that bridge loans might not work out so well. This is due to the fact that you will be making payments to two separate properties as the third property is accruing interest. You will also have to be making payments on the bridge loan if your primary property does not get sold within twelve months. To handle all the payments, you need to be sure of your situation financially.

Let’s say you plan to move and you have found a great potential home. The only problem is that the home you happen to be selling at the moment has not been sold yet. This means that you can’t use the equity in your current home as you are still making payments for the mortgage. One of the options you have is this type of loan. As a matter of fact, a bridge loan is one way you can get a new property secured when you really don’t want to wait for the previous property to get sold.

Short Term Finance Vehicles

In short, this type of loan is really a financial short term vehicle for covering the gap between selling the old home and buying a new one. You can use this type of loan to get the cash you need for quickly making the down payment on a brand new house or property.

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