How can you pay more for my items (versus others)

Hi, David Goldstein here from Biltmore loan, I’m going to tell you one of the questions most often asked of me, why do you think you can pay more than somebody else for something? And you know, that’s a very interesting question because I have 40 years of networking. I’m a fanatic for reading for learning. I love what I do to me. It’s not buying gold. It doesn’t take a smart person to buy gold at 50% of the price of gold. It takes a smart person to look at a piece of jewelry have an instinct that this is made by somebody that we can do some research on that. So my 40 years of networking I give to you gratis. That’s why I asked you to come in and get the get the opinion of a true expert. If I don’t know it, I assure you by the time I’m done with your piece, I will so come in and deal with the experts.