How To Sell Diamonds in Phoenix

How To Sell a Diamond in Phoenix

Whenever a special occasion in your family is coming, you are the busiest. You plan everything—from food to event setup. You do all these with excitement—but not today. You are short of cash and you only have your diamond ring. No worries because you can always look for diamond buyers in Phoenix. If you have no knowledge on how to do this, here are some tips to help you:

  • Look for online directories that can help you sell diamond jewelry in Phoenix. Searching for a diamond buyer may be a tedious task especially if you do not know anyone that does this business. Use the power of the Internet and seek the help of online directories. They will point you toward a long list of diamond buyers in the city.
  • Ask for referrals from relatives, friends and even neighbors and co-workers. Surely, some of your relatives, friends and other people around you sell jewelry for cash. Ask for their referrals so you do not have to go through all the pages of business directories. They will even be able to recommend a buyer that will offer you better price for your diamond.
  • Create a shortlist of these companies. You do not want to jump easily into any company that offers to buy your jewelry, right? To be sure of a higher selling rate, make a shortlist of the buyers you initially approve of. Write down their names and contact numbers.
  • Check their websites, call for inquiries or go to their shops. You already created a list of potential buyers, now is the time to call them and raise all your queries. Do not be afraid to ask and take note of the information you get. Check their websites as well as reviews and feedback. Compare all the data before you make your final decision.
  • Know exactly what you’ve got. When you have a diamond to sell, you just don’t rush to the market and announce that you have a precious stone to sell.  It is essential that  you are aware of your item’s quality and authenticity so you have a solid idea of its fair market value.  If you do not have idea, you may consult a pawn broker as they can give you free estimate and unbiased opinion about the real value of your item. This is to avoid being tricked by some sharks.
  • Sell diamonds online. With all the improvements in technology, it has become safer to sell diamonds online. Online auction websites only requires you to provide pictures  and an accurate description of your piece and they will evaluate it and make an offer to you based on their appraisal. You do not have to go to the shop and risk the safety of your diamond.

To sell diamond jewelry in Phoenix, you also have to make sure you only deal with reputable businesses. To do this, look for reviews about the companies you choose to sell your jewel. You may also call their numbers and verify the existence of their mailing addresses.

Have you sold any diamond jewelry lately or used it for collateral? How was your experience? Share it with us!