How To Use Debt To Build Your Wealth

wealthThe path to financial freedom can be daunting, especially if you’re having difficulty saving. A huge reason Americans can’t save enough for the future is the high debt that eats up a large part of their incomes. According to a study from Northwest Mutual, about three out of four citizens are in debt, with nearly half of them owing at least $25,000, excluding mortgages.

While that data looks bleak, consider that not all debt is bad. In fact, taking out a loan with a legally bound promise to repay can help you build a strong credit history and show financial institutions that you are trustworthy. Furthermore, it can give the leverage you need to capitalize on properties that appreciate over time. For these reasons, borrowing becomes an essential part of building wealth.

Credit: Engage With Debt Responsibly

Many millennials still prefer to use cash and debit cards for their purchases. What they don’t realize is that there is a downside to this – a lack of credit history. Basically, your credit history matters because lenders may use it to assess how you manage financial obligations. Engaging with debt responsibly means that when it’s time for a house, car, or small business, you’ll be in a good position to negotiate for better loan amounts and interest rates. 

A great way to show your ability to make good on debts Is to open a credit card and use it wisely. The key here is to pay off your balance every month. To keep your spending in check, only charge up to the 30 percent of your card’s available credit limit. 

Over time, these strategies will prove your ability to manage revolving credit and will lift your credit score. It takes time, discipline, and consistency to build a solid credit history, but it will help regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or repairing bad credit.

Leverage: Take Advantage Of Debt

Leveraging is essentially using debt to acquire additional assets. Investors do this to control a greater amount of assets and amplify their wealth. If you buy something that will be worth more than what you paid for it, then the money you borrowed is leveraged in your favor. 

If you want to start a business or purchase an investment, consider taking a loan against your personal assets like land or jewelry. Be sure to turn to reputable collateral lending businesses like Biltmore Loan and Jewelry to get the best rates for your loan. Make the most of your debt by making sure you get the best deal.

Instead of allowing debt to drain your ability to accumulate wealth, use it to build your fortune. If you can use it to grow your money and your current cash flow can tolerate the amortization of the loan, then the debt has the potential to work for you.

Debt isn’t all that bad, and frankly speaking, you need to engage with it to show financial institutions that they can trust you with their money. Practice good credit hygiene. Borrowing, if done responsibly, can boost your credit score and net worth. With time, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.