Interesting stories at Biltmore Loan

Hi, David Goldstein here, owner of Biltmore Loan. You know, people always ask me when I’m at a party or a social event that, oh, I’ve seen you on television. I’ve seen you here seeing you there. Tell me something interesting that’s happened that you’ve seen. And you know, I always pause at that question because I’m very fortunate, I can’t wait to get to work in the morning. I love what I do. This is my retirement, I’m, I have a diamond business for 40 years. I’m a gemologist, and an expert in diamonds.

So jewelry is truly my passion and my real in-depth expertise. But I grew up in the sports world. So I’m very familiar with sports memorabilia, and antiques, and Collectibles as well. I grew up on the east coast in Boston, a very old city and was taught the old way, at a very young age.

So when somebody says to me, what might be one of the more interesting stories, I always talk about a woman that walked in when we were in our old building, about five, six years ago, and she came in and she handed me a ring. And she said, You know, I inherited this, and I have, you know, I really don’t know much about it. And I picked up the ring. And, and this is a good a good analogy for you to see, because it took me maybe as much as a minute and a half to look at the piece of jewelry loop the piece of jewelry, look at her and say 40,000. And she looked at me, she said, 40,000, what? And I said $40,000. She said $40,000, you would pay? And I said yes. And she said, and how would I get paid? I said you would walk out with a check today. And we’re our bank is right across the street, you’ll have no problem with them for 40 years. I said, so she said, I don’t quite understand it. And I said, What is it? She said, I went somewhere else. And you know, I never talked about anybody’s names competition. She went somewhere else. And she said they offered me $10,000. And I looked at her and I said for $10,000, a blind man buys it.

And the reality is, that’s what separates us. from everybody else. I’m an expert. I don’t, there’s nothing that drives me more than to come in and exceed your expectations. I’ll never forget somebody brought in a pendant. And he looked at and he said I had an offer of $2800. I’d like to hear your opinion, your opinion. And I looked at it and I said, Did they explain to you that this was signed? J E Caldwell? No. Did they explain to you that this is a pearl that’s hanging from the bottom of this is natural? Well, I offered $25,000 for the same piece. And he looked at me and he said, Why didn’t anybody else know that? And I said 40 years of experience. I’m a fanatic for learning. I love teaching about it.

You know, just to add to that the other day, we had a fabulous bracelet come into us. And the customer wanted a little more than I figured the bracelet but I kept looking at it. There was no signature. And I know who made the bracelet. I know who made the bracelet and I kept saying to my son, do not send the bracelet back, do not give it back do not give it back. I want to own that bracelet. And you know, they left it with me and it took me two weeks. But after two weeks, I got the bracelet authenticated. And just to give you an idea for the customer, that bracelet went from $40,000 to $110,000. All because of my instincts. And everybody said to me you’re not gonna get it done. I’ve been doing it a long time. I’m a pro. I love what I do. And I love making people happy. That’s what I try to do. Because at the end of the day, the only good deal is a deal that works for you and me. Both people have to walk away happy.

So if you haven’t walked away happy before in a situation and you have something that you want to know the value of come in and see me. I think we can make a difference for you.