Recap: Biltmore is your asset-based lender


Host: Wow. Look at that, working hard as we speak. You spend a little too much. Did you spend a little too much this holiday season or maybe you know what your small business needs a little extra boost. Well, if you have some items of value, guess what David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan, he can help. So, for those who don’t know what Biltmore Loan and Jewelry does. What exactly do you do?

Recap: Biltmore is your asset-based lender

David: We are an asset-based lender. Basically, a hundred years ago, we called a pawn and pawn was a unsophisticated beginnings of.

Host: Dirty.

David: Dirty with a bad connotation. Kind of segway to banking and we used to go in and say we had this product. How much can I borrow on it and we would do that. Well, today with kind of evolved that and, and pawn, I don’t think in my opinion has evolved like most things. So, consequently that’s our concept taking pawn into the 2000s.

Host: Taken into this, this millennium.

David: Into the new millennium.

Host: So, when somebody has something what they think might be a value, what is it that you want them to do?

David: You know we have two locations. We really, we ask them to please, if possible, to try to give us a picture, any description they may have. To try to exploit the situation. Most things, we’re very well versed in. We have an expert staff in, in a vast array of products where most pawn shops are really very limited to what they use. We try to be out of the box thinkers  and try to get out there and think what could be, could be silver, could be jewelry, could be art, it could be glassware, could be collectibles, antiques, art.

Host: In this is a much more as you had mentioned to me earlier, it’s a much more sophisticated transaction. As in going into some sort like you would say a pawn shop. This is where, but there’s two different options here for people. You, I could bring in my item and actually sell it to you if I choose, because I might need the money. The holidays are here and some debts to pay off. But maybe, I love that item so much I don’t wanna let it go. So, how does that work?

David: So, you could then take a short-term bridge loan and that’s what we’re set up for. So, it isn’t really about that it, it’s more sophisticated. It’s really, it’s quite simple. It’s quite easy. It’s just giving an environment and professional people, not just buyers who are just paid an hourly employee rate where, where they just buy.

Host: Because what you also offers expertise, you know. If we look at some of the items that you brought in today and looked across here and I know David you’ve been doing this business for a very long time. You, yourself an expert in watches especially your passion and fine jewelry, you can look at something almost instantaneously and know the value.

Recap: Biltmore is your asset-based lender

David: And that’s what we try to do is try to bring their professional expertise to people you know, I mean. We look at these gold charms over here.

Host: Which blew my mind.

David: Right and I was just telling the story how this woman came in and these were beautiful antique charms were on a non-gold bracelet. That was worthless and she didn’t know she thought they were all just costume jewelry and what we’re able to do is bring significant value to them.

Recap: Biltmore is your asset-based lender

Host: But I would have thought the same thing, you know, because they’re not heavy. That’s the thing that I think it’s important for people to pay attention to is that if you don’t know, you should ask.

David: Let us be your expert.

Host: God.

David: That’s what we do we’re professionals at whether it’s buying something from you or, or doing a short-term bridge loan or lending on something. We, if, if it’s a fine brand or a better piece that’s our expertise.

Host: You’ll know.

David: We will pay a higher loan-to-value or a higher value for to buy it.

Host: Alright. David always says you know what if you’re not sure, you should shop around. Okay. Here’s what you can do. As David mentioned, send a photo of the item if you’re looking to loan on or perhaps sell and any information you can provide to [email protected]. Two locations to choose from, no appointments for both locations. Call the Scottsdale locattion at 480 991 5626 or LOAN. For more information, or any of the items that maybe you might be interested in buying, go to

Recap: Biltmore is your asset-based lender