Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories

Host: There he is right there. Back with David Goldstein, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. We’re talking about, what he says tons of bags. These aren’t bags David Goldstein, these are works of arts. These are beautiful…

David: Well said.

Host: Beautiful accessories. And here’s the thing that a lot of people you’ve seemed David Goldstein come on, you know for years now. You’re always bringing on these designer handbags but you’ve know everything about them. It’s the details and the designer handbags that really make them valuable, right?

Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories

David: Let’s correct that, I don’t know everything about them.

Host: Hahaha… You know a lot!

David: I..I get very well schooled from a daughter and a wife.

Host: You know a lot! Okay.

David: So I do have a handbag expert on stuff.

Host: Well said.

David: So I try to come here and be a little well versed.

Host: Yeah! Come on, let’s give you some credit.

David: I appreciate that.

Host: Let’s talk about this bag right here because as you look at this bag right now. This is the hottest bag, brand new out on the market. How did you come across it now you’re able to offer that to

Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories

David: This is interesting. There’s a lot of ways that we acquire things, there’s a lot of reasons people sell things, there’s a lot of. We don’t ask people why, but it was really interesting coz we have such a vast of ray of fabulous designer handbags. And last night, I was going through the note to what we had for today and my wife looked at that bag immediately and said “Ah! I was just gonna buy that bag, we’re on vacation last week.” That just came out, it’s a limited edition. I know how much it is, retails for 45 hundred. And she said, “That’s brand new, you can still have it on Louis website.” So, that’s a Louis Vuitton just came out limited edition, it retails for 45 hundred, and we’re selling a bag like that for 2750.

Host: How’d you come across it, though?

David: Someone brought that in, and there’s a lot of reasons. We don’t try to expose people’s reasons but…

Host: It’s okay.

David: But, they buy things.

Host: It’s okay and that what exactly Biltmore Loan is all about because people bring in. You know what, you might have a handbag. And let’s just say you know what, just not using it anymore or you know you just wanna update your style. There’s still some value to designer handbags.

David: Enormous value.

Host: Enormous value, that you may not even realize. So when you said being discreet people, this is yours Scottsdale location. You need to make an appointment there. But people can bring in their items or send you pictures. And you help evaluate what that value is. (Update – you no longer need to set an appointment for both our locations in Scottsdale and Chandler – just walk in!)

Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories

David: This is just one more of the items that we do, that we monetize. That we either can buy and go or loan on.

Host: Okay.

David: So, this is just again, just a suggestion to people. If it’s designer handbags, accessories, it could be a Louis Vuitton belt, it could be sunglasses, it could be jewelry by Louis Vuitton, it could be Chanel jewelry. This is just one women’s category.

Host: Right.

David: But along with jewelry, cars…

Host: Arts.

David: Art.

Host: Land.

David: And, and, and you know, I’m getting ready now, I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the biggest antique show in the world. And that’s in Miami next week, and we’re exhibitors for 25 years there and I’ll go and see what the trends are. And we see right now the trends in arts are. Modern art is doing really well.

Host: Wow! Okay.

David: You’ve seen Warhol’s, Lichtenstein’s, bringing really strong prices. So, if you’re a local person, and you have a fine piece of art that you may just not have a used for, or you may need some short term money on. Or you may just want to liquidate it and sell it. That’s what we’re gonna come in by being experts in getting into the maximum price.

Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories

Host: Right! And this is what you may not know, is really what the value is and this is what their experts in. So, here’s what you can do, you can take a picture of the item, and you can send it in via email along with the description and you’re always if you’ve got papers and everything on.

David: The more information, the better.

Host: Include that and you’ll help assess a true value to any of those items and find that exactly what they’re worth.

David: It’s our job to try to help you.

Host: Okay!

David: So, what we really wanna get to that?

Host: Help him, help you. Right?

David: Well said.

Host: Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. Okay! That’s what we’re talking about. Here’s where you send it: [email protected]. The phone number is (480) 991-5626 (LOAN) Scottsdale location and you can call the Chandler location at (480) 705-5626 (LOAN). for more information or buy one of these fabulous bags that you just saw on the table, go to No appointments required.

Recap: Biltmore buys designer handbags and accessories