Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference


Host: We’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and he’s here to you help you figure out what your items are worth and these are items that many of you may have in your home but you’re not using. You know we’re talking about this gorgeous tea set. I told you my mother has these and she’s got this box of silverware that she’s not using. But you know it’s just sitting there collecting that she can’t get some money for it.

Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference

David: It’s not necessarily what will talk about that people need the money. It’s not necessarily that they wanna get rid of this things but, you know it’s sort of the old rule if you haven’t used it in a year.

Host: Yeah!

David: Probably chances are, you’re not gonna use it again, you know. I’m passionate about what I do because I love what I do and I say we week after week and we’ve been on your show now almost close to 2 years. And if it is not you that could use our services in our short term loan and a short term sale of something or something that you just you’re in a situation then you might have a family member a friend. In 2016, we’re asked to give us the opportunity to give you back that great service and what that show you the Biltmore difference because I’m really passionate bout’ what we do.

Host: You are.

David: And because of that if you bringing something with the name like a Patek Philippe, a Cartier, we see here Patek and we see here Cartier. If you bring in a signed piece or something of better quality, are experts will recognize that and pay you top dollars.

Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference

Host: I think you’re being a little gracious when you said if you have unused it in a year these stuff has, have been unused in, about 30 years.

David: Oh boy!

Host: Or more so what is the value of something like a tea set it’s gorgeous! But what’s the value of this.

David: A tea set like this can run anywhere from 15-25 hundred dollars, depending on the actual weight of it, were the manufacture.

Host: Okay..

David: So, that’s the difference you go into many places and they just gonna throw down a scale and that’s the end of it. We do the research coz if it’s a better silver manufacturer, it’ll bring a premium.

Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference

Host: Uh-hmmm..

David: So come to the experts and let us show you the Biltmore difference.

Host: Because you do know the names, I mean you’re not just throwing out the names of some of these, you know, high-quality designers but you also know the value of what that name carries.

David: In 35 years in collectibles diamonds and jewelry, I understand all the brands, all the research on some of the famous makers you can look at silver and sometimes you can look
at this and thrown us scale and that’s what’s worth.

Host: uh-hmm..

David: And you can look at some of this in silver that could do worth 3 times than most places don’t take the time. We really want you to take the time and let us take the time to maximize what you get.

Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference

Host: And you travel all over to do this. I mean you go to all sort of shows and you’re invited to different e-mail exhibits. Because you wanna know what’s happening in the market what’s trending.

David: I really do try to keep up all the time and in fact in 3 weeks is the largest antique show in the world, in Miami. So if you’ve got something interesting in antiques collectibles, jewelry
art, something you’ve always wanted to know about, please! What a great time to give us a call now because really we are getting prepared for this and it’s probably one of favorite times of the year.

Host: Oh! It is. you get all of his eyes started to go in around in circles! (giggles)

David: Oh! I love it.

Host: Can we call you for free evaluation?

David: Please there’s no charge for. We will give you all the information and you will see our staff will go out of the way to try to give you all the information you can get.

Host: So what if someone is watching right now, David, and they do have many of the items that you have on this table. Do they bring them into you? Do they take photos? What is the best way to connect with you?

David: We have currently 2 offices one in Scottsdale, one in Chandler. Walk-ins are welcome in both locations. If you’re gonna be on a walk-in to Scottsdale. So, were going to break that news to you. On our next show. But in the meantime if it’s understanding a piece of jewelry like a piece of David Yurman or a Patek Philippe watch or Cartier piece of jewelry, get the maximum. Come to the experts, we will make a worth you while.

Host: Alright! So, if you wanna go to the experts, here’s how you can contact them. You can email them at [email protected]. Give them a call for a free evaluation, the Scottsdale numbers on your screen (480) 991-5626. In Chandler where walk-ins are welcome (480) 705 LOAN. Visit their website and if you wanna buy some of the items that you see David talked about,

Recap: Get to know the Biltmore Difference