Recap: Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k


Host: Sometimes, life, it just happened and we get behind. And if you’re needing some short-term help, to make ends meet there is help out there available to you and it’s not a bank. Well if you have some items that value, take it to this guy! David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. He is here to help. Good to see you!

David: Thank you! It’s wonderful to be back.

Recap: Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k

Host: When you always come on, you always show amazing jewelry. But what is that you all do?

David: You know, we show lots of different things. But really what we are is a new version of a bank. Basically, we are problem solvers. It’s a no credit necessary type bank, and we help people that come into short-term situation that are unexpected. And give them a viable option to, to handle that situation in a professional way.

Host: Right and if you wanna get your items back, the beauty is, you can loan them.

David: Yes. We, we do, we do purchasing and all types of specialty products. And a very vast to ray from antiques, to collectibles, to jewelry, to handbags, designer handbags, and accessories. All the way to land and cars. But it really isn’t necessarily about the product that we buy and loan on. We like to talk about the experience. And really that’s what is about. We’re problem solvers. You have an issue, who are job is to figure out how we can solve it.

Host: How you can solve it, and one of the things that you all are really, really great at. If it’s in a state sale or if it’s something you feel like, I feel like this has a little bit a value. I feel like it’s worth something, your team of experts will do the digging.

Recap: Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k

David: That’s what we do. We’re not buyers and we’re not clerks when you come to us. We’re professionals and we have a professional in each and every vertical category. I have a bidding jewelry and antique expert and we have many other staff numbers that have other expertises. But what we try to do is make sure you get the maximum value on a consistent basis. You know we sell often CD’s get $50 more for your gold with this coupon. Get 10% more if you come in. Quite frankly, it just goes again everything in my principles and we’re all about everyday fare prices, every day. There is no special. There’s no gimmick. Golds is a commodity. Diamonds and jewelry are very close. All these antiques, these cars. What we try to do is give you the most you can get and still satisfies your situation.

Host: Right. And maintain your dignity which is so valuable.

David: It’s so all about that.

Host: That is so valuable.

David: Let me show these beautiful things. But it’s about that experienced and making some feel comfortable when they’re done.

Host: Alright. So we’re gonna put David on this spot. Because he is an expert in diamonds, and this is absolutely gorgeous. Tell us what this is and how did you get this piece and what is worth?

Recap: Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k

David: Wonderful! Okay. This is an actual-signed piece by one of America’s finest jewelers called Oscar Heyman. And Oscar Heyman has passed away now and the line in the business is still in business. This was made in 1980’s and it’s 29 carats of diamonds. And the interesting thing about this, isn’t that how beautiful it is and it’s Oscar Heyman. And how fantastic it is, it’s that the person that inherited this, came to us and really didn’t know who’s Oscar Heyman.

Host: Ahh!

David: Didn’t know the value. We did the research. I could tell from the numbers. Who made it? We look up that serial number. We can tell you what who’s made. What is the actual diamond weight is, the gold weight, the time frame that was sold, and this? Then, gives us a real value on it.

Host: Can you imagine it’s horrifying to think if they had taken this to just a fly by night kind of company, what did you. What is the value of this? What’s it worth? And what would they have gotten if they didn’t take it to an expert who did do the research.

David: Right. This is the bracelet, we paid $30,000 for.

Host: Okay.

David: And what’s even more interesting is, that. There’s offer ahead, before that. I don’t like to talk about the competition. Because I don’t like to use the word competition. I think we’re unique in what we do and we’re the only place to go. So if you want a professional expert opinion. I think you see a big difference when you come to see us.

Host: Alright. This is to find out how much your items may be worth. Email them at [email protected]. That’s where you can send an email and a picture as well. Give them a call for a free evaluation. There are two locations and the Scottsdale location, the number is 480-991-LOAN, or you can call their Chandler location. They do accept walk-ins in both locations, Chandler and Scottsdale. 480-7055626 is the number for that Chandler location, or visit their website, and if you wanna buy somebody’s incredible items, visit

Recap: Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k