How to keep your Music Memorabilia in Pristine Condition

When you have a collection of music memorabilia, you want to keep it in absolute pristine condition. As a matter of fact, this applies to your collection whether it relates to art, music or any other type. On viewers, it has the same effect as a time machine as it allows styles and trends of past eras to be seen. It also causes people to reflect on past trends and influences. When you have a collection that spans decade after decade, this can serve as a timeline for cultural and political change as well as changing tastes. Over a specific period, cultural attitudes that transpire show these changes. In the financial and sentimental sense, these collections are considered valuable. You will need to know how to keep your memorabilia in tip-top shape to preserve its value. Here is a list of methods you can apply to keep yours in perfect condition.

Use Storage Holders or Protective Sleeves

Don’t skimp on solutions for storage if you don’t have an exclusive area for your memorabilia. Depending on what your collection is, buy cards and plastic sleeves for posters and postcards. Protect old records with plastic wrap or find options that are designed to custom fit what you have. Velvet lined boxes will protect valuable items and boxes to keep everything safe is your best bet.

Buy a Display Case

The UV-protective glass on a display case will shield your items from dust and light. This still allows viewers to see what is inside the glass while your items are preserved. Of course, you might feel that shelves without glass covers look nicer as you see everything much more clearly. However, in two or three decades, you will see the difference the glass display case makes compared to the shelves without the glass. Taking the right steps at the moment to protect your memorabilia will pay off in the future. Items will also be protected from dust which means less maintenance necessary in the long run.

Invest in Climate Control

A method of maintaining a steady temperature as well as dehumidifiers between seventy to seventy-five degrees F will go a long way towards item preservation. Limit humidity as well unless yours requires a particular level. Your packaging and items will not decay if you apply these methods. Frigid winters and humid summers tend to damage paper and cardboard, causing images to warm. Over time, these create a bleaching effect which contributes to paper and boxes looking older. Some material like wood might lose its structure and warm after these are exposed to extremes. When you maintain a constant temperature and climate within one exclusive room, the items will not reveal the passage of time. You will then preserve the value of every item.

Buying and investing in the right storage solutions for your memorabilia will pay off big time in the long run, as your collection won’t lose its value.