Keep your Diamond Rings Sparking with These Tips

As protective as you may be of your diamonds, it’s not every day that you can make the extra effort to take care of them. While they are one of the world’s toughest natural substances, it doesn’t mean that they are completely indestructible.

A diamond can lose its shine due to different factors. In fact, even a mere touch of a finger can cause dirt and grease to collect around it, reducing its appeal. If you feel like your ring has lost its original sparkle, it’s high time to give it a good cleaning. Besides monitoring the stone for any chip marks or scratches, it’s essential to ensure it is holding tight on the mount.

When it comes to handling precious stones, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry follow the best practices in the industry. Our seasoned experts are here to share eight tips to help you keep your diamond rings sparkling like new:

  • Bring it to a jeweler

If you haven’t maintained your fine jewelry in a while, we highly recommend bringing it to a jeweler for a cleaning and checkup. Apart from removing the grime that has accumulated on and around the piece, this is also a great opportunity to confirm that the crystal is still secure and mounted safely.

Jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners with high-frequency sound waves and a special formulation. This equipment produces bubbles that attach onto the dirt, pulling it away from the surface of the stone. If they have to clean the entire thing at once, jewelers usually put it under a strong blast of steam to wash off all the filth and oil. After the initial treatment, bring your diamond back for professional cleaning at least once a year. 

  • Clean it at home regularly

With very simple steps, you can keep your diamonds sparkling every day. Soak the ring in a cup of warm water with a few drops of degreasing liquid, such as a mild dish soap. Do not forget to close the drain if you are working over the sink. Let it sit in the solution for a couple of minutes to allow the grime to loosen up. After that, take a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly scrub off the remaining dirt. Use clean water for rinsing.

To dry it off, get a gem or lint-free fabric. Use a dry part of the cloth to buff the ring for extra shine. Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine and detergent at all costs because they can erode the polish of the stone and wear its metal band. Do this process twice a week and be amazed by its shine. 

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  • Take your diamond ring off before going into the shower

Do not bathe wearing your diamond ring. There is a bit of chlorine present in the water, and it is not good for the stone. Before heading into the bath, remove all pieces of jewelry and store them properly.

  • Store it in a padded box

Rough containers and other sharp jewelry can scratch the exterior of diamonds, dulling their brilliance. Choose a padded box for each piece, preferably plastic. If you have to keep several pieces in one place, find a case with fabric-lined dividers. You can also wrap each of your diamonds with tissue paper if you are storing them in an ordinary box.

  • Avoid exposure to cosmetics 

Lotions, hair spray, heavy creams, perfume, and other cosmetics can accumulate and reduce the sparkle of diamond jewelry. Of course, you would want your diamonds to look their finest, especially if you have a special event to attend. Make sure to put them on only after you have applied these beauty products.

  • Safeguard your diamonds while you travel

There will be many occasions when you have to bring your crystals in your travels, so you have to consider the right way of packing them. You can purchase a carry-all that is specifically designed for jewelry travel. It comes in all shapes, patterns, sizes, and price ranges.

Most of them have velvet pads for earrings and pins, as well as protective compartments for necklaces and bracelets. Bring a small plastic bottle of mild cleaner with you so you can give your diamond a quick shine-up before an event.

  • Keep away from sweat

Avoid wearing your diamond ring while exercising or during other activities that cause you to sweat a lot. The sodium from perspiration can cause discoloration as it dries on the jewelry, leaving an unsightly yellow tone to it. Over time, the build-up will also cloud the metal surface.

  • Do not play sports or go swimming with it

Holding a tennis racket or lifting weights might seem innocent, but playing sports with your ring on can knock the stone out of place and leave it exposed to the elements. Swimming is also a bad idea because the cold water can shrink your fingers, making it easier for your ring to slip off. If you plan on doing intense sports or swimming in the ocean or pool, take your ring off and keep it somewhere safe.

Diamonds are meant to last a lifetime, so it pays to give them the best treatment possible. Your sparkler is such an important piece of fine jewelry, and perhaps outrageously expensive too. Do not treat it as something indestructible because it is more prone to damage than you might think. Proper care should be a top priority, especially now that it has become a permanent fixture on your hand. Follow the above tips to keep your jewelry bright and in top condition at all times.

If you have to let go of your precious stones and still want them to be in good hands, go to Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. Not only do we offer the most competitive rates in the market, but we also make sure that your items are secured and handled with the utmost care. Call or visit our Chandler and Scottsdale branches or fill out our online form to get a free appraisal today.