For the Love of Mom: Luxury Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration honoring the mother of the family. This year, make sure to treat the most courageous women in your life with something extra luxurious. We are talking about something that she would probably hesitate to buy for herself.

Here is how to spoil every type of mom on Mother’s Day:

  1. The Classic Woman

What to Buy Her: Louis Vuitton Monogram Sarah Long Bifold Long Wallet


Louis Vuitton Monogram Sarah Long Bifold Long Wallet

You can’t deny the quality, craftsmanship, and resale value of an authentic Louis Vuitton (LV). The label was founded in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. LV is known for their extreme durability and low-maintenance nature. If well kept, a genuine LV can be worn for decades on end.

A designer Louis Vuitton wallet is perfect for the classic, busy mom. However, it is crucial to choose timeless styles, colors, shapes, and designs like the Monogram Sarah Long Bifold. While it may seem overwhelming to invest in one single wallet, you can have your peace of mind knowing that you are spending your money on someone special, and that you are making a wise decision by investing in something that will last for years and years instead of wasting cash on knockoffs that deteriorate within months.

  1. The Fashion Forward

What to Buy Her: Hermès Shiny Geranium Nilo Crocodile Constance Elan 25cm Bag


Hermes Shiny Geranium Nilo Crocodile Constance Elan 25cm Bag

Trotting the globe (or the streets) with an Hermès bag is the new status symbol for people of high class and sophistication. In truth, women can never have enough handbags, and the Geranium Nilo Crocodile Constance Elan is ideal for the fashion-forward mom.

Career-driven women overrun the 21st century. As they find the balance between motherhood, work, and a social life — sometimes, the best present is a fiery red designer bag that not only carries everyday essentials, but also serves as a stunning statement piece. A bold Hermès symbolizes a woman who refuses to compromise style and glamour to survive a busy schedule.

  1. The Lover of Statement Jewelry

What to Buy Her: Roberto Cavalli Alligator Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet


Roberto Cavalli Alligator Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Jewelry is among the most common forms of gifts since the beginning of time, and every woman deserves to experience the luxuriousness and empowering presence of designer jewelry. Roberto Cavalli’s exotic and opulent design is beautifully manifested in the stunning Alligator Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet, which adds a touch of fierceness and glamour to every look.

Women have always enjoyed adorning themselves with mesmerizing jewelry. For husbands wishing their wives a great Mother’s Day, jewelry is one of the best ways to express how important she is to you. Of course, this is not limited to husbands and wives. Your mother, grandmother, or sister who recently had a baby is deserving of fine jewelry, too. After all, jewels are not just pretty to look at and wear — they also present sentimental values.

  1. The On-the-Clock and On-the-Go

What to Buy Your Mom: Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Tesoro Women’s Watch


Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Tesoro Women’s Watch

Luxury watches are for people who appreciate the finer things in life. We may age and develop fine lines and wrinkles, but a luxury watch is a timeless piece that can retain its beauty for centuries. A designer watch like Tiffany & Co’s Tesoro is a complex investment that a career-oriented mom will love to wear and later pass on to future generations.

Watches for women have always been considered a practical gift, especially for those who are constantly on the clock. Although we are living in the age of technology and smartphones, people still need a watch to tell time without having to bust out their phones. If you have a business-savvy mom who dashes in and out of meetings, owning a watch is a convenient way to keep track of time in the most fashionable way possible.

  1. The Collector

What to Buy Her: Imperial Russian Fabergé Egg No. 11, the Rosebud Egg


Imperial Russian Fabergé Egg No. 11, the Rosebud Egg

Investing in collectibles presents the advantage of high reselling potential. If your mother values antiques and collectibles, Fabergé Eggs are the perfect pick. The rare collectibles date back to 1885 and contain the most exquisite gems and metals in Russia. Each egg took a minimum of twelve months to make, and its intricate designs have far exceeded those of typical jewelry or works of art.

  1. The Creative

What to Buy Her: Mont Blanc Oscar Wilde Writers Pen


Mont Blanc Oscar Wilde Writers Pen

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was one of London’s most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. He is quoted as having said, “I have very simple tastes. I am always satisfied with the very best.” This very sentiment is reflected in every pen in the Writers Edition created in his honor. The unconventionally decorated barrel and the many details hint at the passionate spirit of Oscar Wilde, with both the clip and the mountings made of gold-plated 925 sterling silver.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to spend money on what feels like a writing instrument of the past. But look at it this way: if your mother is an avid fan of Oscar Wilde, poetry, and writing in general — a fountain pen is an excellent gift idea. A high-quality fountain pen will write for years and will not get tossed in the trash once it runs out of ink. Instead, it gets refilled. And let’s face it, revealing a classy fountain pen when signing contracts will convey a message of success and impeccable taste, much more so than a plastic ballpoint ever will.

  1. The Art Enthusiast

What to Buy Her: Erte “In the Evening” Bronze Sculpture


Erte “In the Evening” Bronze Sculpture

If your mother is fond of decorating the house, the classic Erte Bronze sculpture is a beautiful gift idea that can add elegance and sophistication to any home. The bronze sculpture is incredibly rare — a limited edition Artist Proof and is number 30 of 35 total sculptures produced. It is the ideal present for art enthusiasts and home decor aficionados alike.

A Final Word

These seven big-ticket items are sure to make your mom happy on her special day. Remember that the least we could do for our mothers is to appreciate her for all she has done for us. You may not be able to buy a mother’s love, but you can at least get her the right gift, especially since Mother’s Day only occurs once a year — and she deserves so much more love and attention.

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