Luxury items for men: In the office, at home, and your personal style

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It’s time to pay more attention to men as we cover luxury items every man should have in his lifetime. Since men are not as particular about fashion as women, we have expanded this selection to cover two of the most important areas of a man’s life: the office, and his home.

Now, whether you are trying to impress a new lady in your life or simply want to become more stylish, there are many ways in which you can showcase your flair for style. The first, of course, would be your penchant for luxury items in your wardrobe.

For your wardrobe

  • A tailored suit – First things first. All men need to have at least one suit in their closet. Make sure you go to a professional tailor to get fitted for your suit. It should accentuate your assets by never being too tight or too loose. The material of the suit also speaks volumes about your personality. Choose a type of fabric that seems perfect for you, one that does not appear cheap, and has the appearance of being wrinkle-free. Also, choose a color that screams masculinity. Go for neutrals such as black, navy blue, or grey. If you can afford it, you can also get a designer suit in attractive colors and patterns.
  • A designer watch – A tasteful watch depends on your preference. Since men are not as fond of wearing jewelry as women, a man’s watch often communicates their love for luxury. There are so many designer watches to choose from – from simple dress watches to racingwatches. You can even go with smartwatches (such as the Apple watch) and accessorize it with the most expensive bands.

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However, make sure that the watch you’re wearing is appropriate for the occasion. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear a sports watch when you’re in a formal dinner, wouldn’t you?  

  • A leather belt – For some reason, men always need belts. To ensure that you look handsome and put together, invest in a quality leather belt. After all, your belt will be visible when you tuck in your shirt; not to mention, a frayed and worn out belt sends the message that you cannot afford a new one.
  • Handmade leather shoes – For the ultimate sign of luxury, have handmade leather shoes made for you. This customized pair of shoes will follow the arch of your feet to ensure maximum comfort, plus it would be uniquely yours.
  • A leather briefcase – A tailored suit, handmade leather shoes, a leather belt… do you see what we are doing here? Complete your gentlemanly wardrobe with a sophisticated leather briefcase. For this one, there are many luxury brands that offer designer briefcases. Choose a maker known for quality and invest in a briefcase that you can use for years to come.
  • Jeweled cufflinks – Cufflinks are an understated accessory among men. Moreover, you can get jeweled cufflinks to set you apart from the crowd. Cufflinks won’t just make your suit appear more dapper; it will also make you feel more handsome knowing that you have such an expensive piece of jewelry on your body.

For your office

  • A handcrafted desk – A beautiful, sturdy desk sends the message that you mean business. Finished in mahogany, cherry, or any of the stronger hues, your desk can be the envy of your contemporaries. Just think of how your desk can become the centerpiece of your office. It has to be well-designed, stylish, and functional.
  • A fountain pen – What better way to show off your flair for luxury than by signing off documents with an expensive fountain pen? Fountain pens are seldom used because many prefer the fuss-free functionality of a ballpoint. If you want to stand out, use your money to purchase a proper writing implement for your document. Just imagine how your peers would feel when they stand in front of your majestic desk, waiting for you to sign a document with your fountain pen.
  • Monogrammed stationery – With company letterheads being the norm among businesses today, you can still set your correspondence by using monogrammed stationery. Talk to your designers and see how you can incorporate the company logo and documents in your correspondence. Choose a kind of paper that’s thick to the touch and has an attractive color, too.

For your home

  • The first edition of your favorite book – If it is possible to purchase the first edition of your favorite book, then do so. It would be an incredible masterpiece to your book collection. Props if your guests walk into your house and see a massive book collection that would just blow them away.
  • A piece of art – Nothing spells luxury than owning a coveted piece of art. Find a beautiful piece by a famous painter and hang it above your fireplace or in a prominent area in your house. If you cannot afford it, then source a local painter who has extensive talent and purchase any of their prints. If anyone asks, say it’s a budding painter whose talent impressed you immensely.
  • Egyptian cotton bedding – If you can afford hundreds and thousands of dollars on watches and suits, then make sure you invest on your bedding, too. Egyptian cotton sheets are the epitome of luxury, and you’ll sleep like a baby knowing that you are sleeping a top of bedding that is worth a lot of money.
  • A good car – A vintage car would be the best bet at this point, but if you do not have the means to restore and maintain a vintage car, then go for a luxury vehicle. Often, the brand names of cars are enough to impress anyone, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with automobiles. You can purchase a luxury vehicle and modify it to your heart’s desire if you see fit.

All these things can send a powerful message about your personality and your taste for excellence. Remember, if you want to set an impression to the world, you have to make sure that you are sending a clear and strong message.

Thinking of buying luxury items?

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