Recap: Why so many different eclectic things do you collect?

Host: We are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan, and he’s here to tell us how they can help you really get over the hump and in some cases and get the most value for your items.

So, the first segment you had native American jewelry, but you come on our show all the time from fine art to diamonds. Why so many different eclectic things do you collect?

David: You know we try to make a market on whatever the product is and really what Biltmore Loan is, is problem solvers, so it may be somebody needs a short term loan, it may be somebody wants to declutter, it may be a death in the family. We’re an aging society, you know. It was Memorial Day this weekend and I had a barbecue at my house, and I had a friend of mine over who with his family. We were talking and I just thought it was a great point to talk about was he is an assisted care for the elderly. And I said, “You know with an aging society..” we started talk about it, I said ..”How often do you see somebody unprepared for that. You know the families unprepared for sudden medical issue, that kind of thing, or do they get older.” And we don’t pay attention co’z aging is a very gradual thing. And then there’s the jewelry, the art, the collectibles, the stuff – the stuff that somebody kept.

Host: Let’s press pause on that aging society, so someone in your family passes away, okay? So now you’ve got their estate that you’re trying to do the best for their belongings. You call yourself the modern day bank, how do you play into the aging process?

David: Because I see so often that the people are caught just by surprise. And when they’re caught by surprise and they have this estate, there are few areas and ways for them to liquidate or sell them. Now, most of our baby boomers really are interested in the collectibles that are parents kept, and the jewelry that they used coz it was a much more decorative society. Today we’re much more simplistic life, so because of that what we do is we buy entire estates they can bring in, we had a fabulous native estate brought in last week and if we can’t buy it or and or loan on it, we will facilitate the sale of it and do the research for you and put it in the right hands for somebody.

Host: And I want people to understand that you will come in and buy an entire estate. You will take that burden off of a family member to make sure that they can get the most that you’re talking about. In some cases coin collections.

David: Good point.

Host: You’re talking about guns, you’re talking about jewelry, you’re talking about a lot of things.

David: Yes, and the options available to these people are really quite limited, you know. You can use this local what I called “beat your auctions”. The problem is there’s no reserve on it and by the time that there’s a  buyer’s premium and a seller’s premium basically forty eight to fifty five percent of every dollar goes to the house.

Host: Okay.

David: So, you’re getting only forty cents-forty five cents on the dollar and waiting to see if it’s sold, maybe just eliminating the entire estate to make it easier.

Host: Following that money trail is really important especially you’re dealing with in consignment and pawnshop.

David: and with the elderly, they need the money, they don’t want it to take a long time to sell

Host: And you just opened a brand new location. Congratulations we keep saying that to you.

David: Yeah we’re really excited, we’re on Scottsdale road . There you can see it just north of Shea on the west side of the street. And it’s a different environment come  see the Biltmore experience. We want you to come in, it is a professional environment where you can get treated like you should. And you can be…and the research is done for you. We are basically your broker to the customer.

Host: Talk about your team because you do free evaluations, so we can bring an item to you. And if you don’t know the answer right of the top, you’re gonna do some homework for me.

David: We actually encourage it. We really would love people to send us pictures and any descriptions. They can give us a little head start. When they come in they experience is one of a one on one situation where you are brought back to an office and we sit and we do the work together. So, if there’s something we don’t know we’re gonna make a range on it for you. Get all the information, do the research, and tell you what we find out. So, we are basically your…the source of information of any kind of product that you may have.

Host: And we just saw the security camera, you keep us protected as well.

David: It’s imperative, it’s private, it’s discreet. It is for somebody who deserves to be treated properly and I think that’s the most of our people out there.

Host: Oh thank you so much. Thank you for giving us a little bit of insight. And let’s give use some insight now. Do you got some items and you fit into the categories that David was just talking about. He and his team would love to talk with you. You can email your photos to [email protected] or give them a call for that free evaluation we just spoke about. For the Scottsdale location – (480) 991-5626, their Chandler location – (480) 705 (LOAN). Both of those locations do accept walk-ins. The website, and if you wanna buy some of the incredible items you see David showcase here on our show, go to