What it means to be a GIA-trained Gemologist

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If you have a fascination with gems, then you might want to consider a career in gemology. Gemology refers to the science of dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials, and is both a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. This means that as a gemologist, you are qualified to identify and evaluate gems.

Having a passion for gems

It can take a lifetime to become a good gemologist, because the study covers such a vast field of information, and learning is a continuous process. It goes without saying that you need to be very passionate about gems to become successful. The good news is that there are plenty of career opportunities in gemology. You can be an appraiser, work in a lab, be a retail associate, or be a jewelry designer.

Other factors come into play once you have decided to become a gemologist. Passion is not enough to get you started on this career path; as with other industries, you will need formal training. To determine the kind of training you need, you will have to figure out which area of gemology you would like to pursue. Taking the time to research about the different career paths can help tremendously in your decision-making.

Determining which career path to take

Apart from research, assessing your inherent skills can also help you decide your career path. After all, it is more practical to choose an area of gemology that you are interested in and, more importantly, allows you to use and enhance your current skill set. For instance, if you are a good salesperson, then being a retail associate or gemstone wholesaler can be a good path for you. If you are creative and have a passion for fashion, then you might want to consider being a jewelry designer. If you have a keen eye for detail, you can be an appraiser of bench jeweler. Once you have decided on a career path, it becomes easier to take the steps needed to obtain formal training.

Getting formal training in gemology

Most jobs in gemology will require you to obtain a diploma, or at the very least, a certification. Luckily, various schools and institutions provide both. Gemology schools generally offer a wide variety of course options, so if you are considering a more specialized area, then it pays to talk to school representatives to ensure that you get the proper guidance in choosing the right classes your degree requires. If you are looking to balance, say, a day job with your training, you can also inquire about distance learning options, so that you still get to receive proper training even if you do not have the time or resources to go to the campus all the time.

You must also make sure that the school you will be enrolling to is an accredited gemology school. These schools train you extensively in the analysis, grading, buying, selling, and pricing of gems and other precious metals, usually in a year or less. A diploma from an accredited gemology school allows you to work in jewelry stores and gemological laboratories.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is an example of a highly reputable accredited gemology school, with campuses in California and New York, as well as a comprehensive distance learning program. Furthermore, the GIA also provides certification programs, which places a heavier emphasis on practical training that you can use right away on the job, rather than the academic coursework.

How to be a GIA-certified gemologist

A GIA education is recognized in the industry as the ultimate in training and professional development in gems and jewelry. The institution utilizes the latest research, technology, and industry-proven skills in educating its students. It has global recognition for its programs.

There are numerous programs to choose from, including:

  • Graduate Gemologist Program

This is the most prestigious credential in the industry that provides you with both the technical expertise and practical skills needed to evaluate gemstones by the 4Cs. It also provides you with mastery of both the International Diamond Grading System and the Colored Stone Grading System.

  • Graduate Colored Stones Program

Enrolling in this program lets you identify a wide variety of gemstones and evaluate them according to quality, rarity, and color. This program also lets you in on the most effective grading, buying, and selling techniques.

  • Graduate Diamonds Program

The GIA invented the science of grading diamonds with their International Diamond Grading System and the 4Cs, which are used by topnotch jewelry professionals around the world. Enrolling in this program lets you learn all the techniques from the most reliable institution.

  • Jewelry Design and Technology Program

This program teaches you drafting, shading, design theory, how to illustrate shape and form using various media, and more. It also gives you the opportunity to create a portfolio of impressive pieces that will surely wow your employers.

Other programs include the Graduate Jeweler Program, as well as certificate programs in Jewelry Design and Comprehensive CAD/CAM for Jewelry.

Why a GIA certification is valuable

The GIA is one of the most prestigious institutions in gemology training in the world. Being a GIA-trained gemologist opens a lot of opportunities for you. You will get training of the highest quality from the experts, so your skills will be sought after by the top jewelry stores and laboratories in the industry. Moreover, your GIA training and education immediately lend you credence and reliability. Since the knowledge you possess and the techniques you apply have been tried and tested, and have been proven to be accurate and effective, you will earn the respect and trust of your peers and the companies you will work for.

Additionally, as a GIA trained gemologist, getting employed after you finish your training becomes easier, especially since you will be backed by some of the most reputable figures in the world of gemology. Soon, you get to carve your own path towards greatness as a gemologist.

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