Money for the Holidays? Ways to make Money for Your Vacation

Do you ever have days where you feel as though your frustration is just about to bubble up and unleash itself in a maelstrom of fury? Do you feel frustration because despite your working so hard to make a living, the bills just keep piling up, eating away at your salary? Days when you feel in dire need of a holiday or vacation to unwind and destress?

It’s hard to think of taking some time off when money is short — but with a bit of creativity, you can certainly find ways to make a bit of extra cash to add to your vacation money pot. We all need to get away from it all at times, so it’s always good idea to squirrel away a little at a time towards that goal. With summer coming up fast, it would certainly make sense to save up for a beach holiday or, perhaps, a quick cruise to some exotic places on your bucket list.

However, to get there, you’ve got to start somewhere — somewhere being to find ways to make money for your next holiday adventure. Here are a few doable tips to achieving your savings goals:

Reduce Your Spending

Take a long, hard look at your finances and see what you could cut out for the meantime, like maybe an expensive gym membership or your cable subscription. Stop buying overpriced branded coffee or defer getting yourself that latest pair of athletic shoes. You could try cooking at home instead of eating out or having food delivered; or take the bus and leave your car at home. Lessen your entertainment expenses — you don’t have to go to the movies weekly, splurge on video games, or see the latest concerts & shows! See what you can actually do without so you can save for what you really want. Once you tally up what you spend on the unnecessary stuff, your savings for that dream vacation will grow pretty quickly!

Overtime Hours

If your company will allow it, maybe you could take on a few overtime hours. The dollars you make from few extra hours a day could really add up after a week or two. You could also take on a second or third job to add some extra cash to the pot.

Use Your Hobbies to Earn for You

Cook, bake, craft, sew, knit, or hammer your way to extra cash. Turn your special interest into a potential moneymaker. If you find that your hobby creates something that you could possibly find a market for; then why not do just that? Join flea markets or crafting fairs or bazaars in your neighborhood.

There is a growing online market for handmade, artisanal items that bank on their uniqueness and limited quantity. It takes very little investment especially since you may already have all the materials you need to start with. Carve out the time and effort to create your one-of-a-kind pieces and put them out to sell.

On the other hand, you can offer your services as an organizer, dog-walker, errand runner or task coordinator, if you find that you are more skilled in physical activities than you are in crafting. There are lots of people looking for all sorts of help, so a job doing something fun to earn you that cash shouldn’t be hard to find. Be sure you are ready to commit yourself to your customers if any one of them decides that they like your work and would like to take on your services on a more regular basis.

There are so many websites and social networking sites that offer opportunities for you to showcase your work or bring your skills to a wider market. Take advantage of technology to bring in a few bucks. There are countless YouTube channels that offer tutorials on all kinds of crafts and hobbies. Try out a few and see where your skills may lie; focus on the ones currently creating a buzz online. If you’re techy, you could even create your own video tutorials to open up streams of income online!

Do Some Seasonal Work

If your time and energy allows, you can also do part-time work at local establishments like restaurants, food chains, clothing outlets, or chain stores that need extra hands during peak season. Just sign up for a few hours and save the earnings.

Take Out a Loan or Cash Advance

People do this for various reasons – emergencies, education, home repairs, and car purchases – so why not take out a personal loan to reward yourself, since you’ll be paying for it anyway. Check out what banks or your credit union can offer. Credit cards offer cash advance options – this is a safe route as long as you carry good credit rating and you have a reputable bank backing your card.

You could also ask your employer for an advance on your paycheck to help top off your vacation pot. Just remember that this will have an effect on your next paycheck, so be prudent.

Pawn or Sell Your Valuables

It could be that you have inherited, or wisely invested in the things that have made you happy just by owning them. It could be jewelry, artwork, electronics, sports, music or movie memorabilia, antiques, old coins, or even the car or motorcycle you have always wanted. Now you are ready to get yourself that intangible pleasure that only a great vacation getaway can give you.

This is the time when your investments can really pay off. If you are ready to let go of a few valuables, its best you look for a reputable company to take those precious investments off your hands for the greatest amount of return you can possibly get. Look for a trusted institution like Biltmore Loan & Jewelry: Biltmore can give you a fair appraisal on the item at no commitment from you to sell. In addition, if you find yourself still attached to that antique silver tea set from your grandparents, you could opt to use it as collateral for a loan from Biltmore instead of selling outright.

Sell Your Unused or Unwanted Items

These items may not have as big a monetary value as jewelry or watches but they could still have some value to right buyer.

Do you have a lot of vintage clothing, movie posters, old toys, old furniture, small appliances, or household knick-knack’s? Check out websites where you can sell these items to someone who may appreciate them as much as you did.

When looking to save up for your well-deserved R & R, do be sure to have a target vacation budget in mind. This will help guide you in determining just how much more you have to work or sell or save up to reach your target. Whether it’s a weekend trip to a ski resort or a two-week holiday at an exotic destination, set your target budget and keep on working at building up your vacation fund. Being frugal and smart with your money is sure to pay off in the end.