Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more

Host: Well, ladies, diamonds are girl’s best friend. We know that. And we are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and he is here to help us figure out what our stuff is worth. Coz we go through our jewelry box and we’ve so much stuff just sitting in there and collecting. So we wanna know what it’s worth. So in the last segment, I asked David. Are you guys a pawnshop? And he said no. So, what are you?

Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more

David: In the easiest way that I like to explain it, is that we say yes when the bank say no. We’re set up to different area. So, we can loan or buy on anything that you have. If it is a short-term loan and the bank has said no to you. If it is a business’ decision that you need. If it’s a medical emergency, or, and many unexpected things come. Today, we’ll show you diamonds. Coz diamond is my passionate and my original background. And that’s where our expertise is, so much greater than what you’re gonna be going out to see.

Host: So, these for instance, these earrings, was these, do these belong to someone? Was there..

Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more
David: Yes, that came, that came actually from a state. And that came from a state in Florida. And those are 13 and a half carat total weight pear shapes.

Host: Wow!

David: On the bottom.

Host: They’re gorgeous.

David: And then, you could see over here, we have a 12 and a half carat emerald cut. So, if you, if you have a fine diamond or you have a bigger, larger stone. Or you have a fine piece of name brand jewelry like Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef, David Webb. You’d be so self-short to go anywhere but Biltmore because that is our expertise.

Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more
Host: Can you walk us to the process at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry?

David: Yes.

Host: How does it work?

David: It’s really quite simple. First, it usually starts with a phone call to our either Scottsdale or Chandler location. You can also walk-in both locations. It’s very discrete. It’s very professional. And you’ll make a consultation with somebody who will then review that privately in the office where you’d be kept private and not expose to everybody walking in. There’s nothing else for sale in there. There’s no musical instruments in there. There’s no guns or ammunition in there. It’s a bank and I go back and I say a hundred years ago, it, we’re doing the same thing. It’s asset based lender.

Host: Oh, wow..

David: So, if you have an asset that you just, didn’t know if it had a value, or, and you needed a short term bridge loan, would be a great option.

Host: Thank you for painting that picture. Coz I could see exactly what you’re talking about when you said won’t be in there. I, this caught our eye. Can you tell us what this stone is and how you came into collecting it?

Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more
David: Yes, there’s also came from a, this came from a local state actually. What I really like this is, it’s a typical, about 40 carat aquamarine and in a 1940’s ring. What I really like about it is, most aquamarine you’ll see will be very blue. This is the very early aquamarine stone called beryl and it’s actually the greenish sea foam look. I really like that so I find that more attractive than the blue and that’s the kind of things that we have that inside in. Some trends that are going on. So if you have something signed, signed piece, don’t sell yourself short.

Host: Yeah.

David: Come and get us and get a professional opinion.

Host: I bet it make you sick when people tell you some of the stuff that they actually..

David: On a daily basis

Host: Got money for. I bet you really do get sick to your stomach.

David: If it’s not jewelry, it could be art, it could be crystal, it could be antiques, it could be land, it could be cars. Come and see us.

Host: When someone walks in, says “Oh yeah! I got 10 dollars for this.

David: It is on the frustrated times and that’s what we trying to bring the expertise to it.

Host: And we don’t want you to have to go through that. So, go see the experts at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. Let’s give you some information. If you have some items, and you just don’t know what their worth and you wanna get a true assessment, email them at [email protected]. You can give them a call for a free evaluation. In Scottsdale, you can call at them 480-991-5626 and the Chandler location at 480-705-5 LOAN or you can visit the website, or if you wanna buy something coz David also sells, then got to No appointments required.

Recap: Antique Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and more