Oscars Night: 9 Of the Most Expensive Jewelry to Grace the Event

Diamond JewelryThe core of the Oscar awards would be the movies and its respective actors and actresses nominated for the year. However before the actual awards show, the center of attraction would be the actors and actresses walking the red carpet, with their designer gowns and of course, the millions of dollars worth of jewelry draped on these actresses. Below are some of the most expensive we could find:

1) At the 2009 Oscar awards, Angelina Jolie wore a pair of emerald drop earrings by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. They weighed in at an attention-getting 115 carats and cost $2.5 million.

2) At the 2013 Oscar Awards, Charlize Theron wore a pair of diamond cuff bracelets to match her white gown. The bracelets were worth a jaw-dropping $7.5 million.

3) Anne Hathaway co-hosted the 2011 Oscars wearing a diamond necklace from Tiffany’s that retails for $10 million for the 94 carats. Few journalists remarked on the dress she wore – most talked about her necklace.

4) In 2008, Nicole Kidman wore a diamond necklace custom-made for her by jewelry designer L’Wren Scott. It was valued at $7 million, and took an estimated 6,200 hours to complete.

5) At the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Garner wore a Neil Lane diamond necklace set in platinum valued at $2.5 million.

6) The most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn on the Oscar Awards red carpet appeared in 2008. It was worn by Titanic actress Gloria Stuart. It was a 15-carat deep blue diamond necklace inspired by the necklace in the film. Designer Harry Winston did not provide an estimated value to the press due to security concerns.

7) At the 2010 Oscars, another Titanic actress, Kate Winslet, wore a $2.5-million canary diamond necklace from Tiffany’s and a matching pair of earrings valued at almost $1 million.

8) Amy Adams attended the 2011 Oscar Awards for her appearance in American Hustle, and hustled down the red carpet in $1.3 million worth of emerald and diamond jewelry designed by Cartier.

9) Gwyneth Paltrow made fashion headlines at the 2011 Oscars for not only her gorgeously-simple Tom Ford gown, but the $1 million Anna Hu diamond cuff bracelet she wore with it. How many diamonds does one million dollars get you? At Annu Hu, you get almost 2,400.

Img c/o Pixabay.