The Psychological and Practical Benefits of Wearing an Expensive Watch

Ever think about buying a luxury expensive watch? Believe or not there are both psychological and practical benefits of this. When you dive into the world of expensive luxury watches, there is a lot to learn. Not just their general history, terminology and brands. Also where and how to buy them. This is particularly true if you are buying vintage. Needless to say, there are a few reasons why you should invest in an expensive watch.

Psychological Benefits of wearing a watch include the fact that you stand out from the crowd. In fact you will be able to do this without doing so much more than wearing an expensive watch. You will feel more secure financially with such an expensive timepiece strapped to your wrist. This singles you out from the rest of the crowd and may increase your appeal a hundredfold. The practical benefits include the fact that you look like you are loaded. Hence, more and more people would be willing to listen to your ideas, lend you money or even approve your bank loan when you look like you are already made. It looks like you are successful when you wear an expensive watch and in fact, you sort of are. Think about it- how many people can actually get to the point of wearing a watch this expensive and well made? Do you get the picture? If you have been debating about whether or not you are going to go ahead and buy the expensive watch you have been thinking about, there are really tons of reasons why you should. In fact, here is a breakdown of the benefits of wearing an expensive watch in detail.

You Stand Out

There are benefits to wearing an expensive watch. For one thing, you stand out from the rest of the masses. This may be one of the most compelling reasons to wear one. Few status symbols say more about the wearer than the watch you wear. In other words, if you have the money to buy an expensive watch, you should certainly do so. The psychological and practical benefits are endless. Not only do you get a boost in your ego but at the same time, this is truly a big investment. As time goes by, believe it or not, the price of these watches increase as they become more rare and hard to find. The best part? These watches are crafted so well that they stand the test of time. Hence, they are great heirloom pieces as well.


It Evokes Real Appeal

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Most expensive luxury watchmakers limit the number of watches they make so that their watches remain within the branch of luxury. This adds prestige. In order to remain in this bracket, watchmakers need to have a rich crafting history that spans centuries. One example is Patek Phillipe that has crafted luxurious, breathtaking expensive watches. When you wear a watch in this bracket, it is almost as if you support the endeavor of craftsmanship. Needless to say, everyone will be impressed by the way you wear your watch. In fact, your credibility will probably double two hundred percent. Your bank manager may just give you that loan you have been asking for after a quick glance at your wrist.

Innovative Like the Wearer

Expensive watch brands tend to be more innovative than the usual. Panerai, Bell & Ross and Hublot spend hours crafting innovative, new designs and movements for watches. Clearly, this takes investment and time. In term, the watches produces will end up more expensive. When you spend hard earned money on a watch that pushes the envelope in terms of innovation, you inadvertently put yourself in the same group as the same innovative timepieces. When image is important to you in life, such as when you are selling luxury cars, you are more likely to attract premium clientele when you wear a premium watch.

Expensive Watches are Top Quality, Like You.

Since it takes a craftsman precision, skill and time to create an expensive luxury watch, these are made in fewer pieces. For this reason, they consequently cost more. For examples, Jaeger LeCoultre and Baume and Mercier may produce a few hundred watches. On the other hand, Casio will produce millions of one watch style. Typically, the fact that there are fewer timepieces in the luxury, expensive range means that they are superior. Timepieces cost more as well since IWC, Breitling and Zenith manufacture their own movements. This also brings up the price of the watches as the years go by since they are made limited in number. This shows that you are a good investor and know how to get true value for the money you spend. Wearing a luxury watch is a great reflection of this character trait.

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You Look Like a Leader

One main reason that IWC, TAG Heuer and Breitling cost more is that there are more craftsmanship and skill that goes into each timepiece than just your everyday Casio. Watchmakers that are highly skilled take hours when crafting expensive luxury watches. The precisions are almost painstaking. When put together, it is highly evident that what you end up with is something of great value compared to watches that cost less. In other words, your watch is certainly not massed produced like all the other watches. If you are one person who believes that everything is a reflection of your personality and image is important, then a quality watch speaks volumes. It’s like you are telling the world that you, too are a high-quality person. It means you don’t expect any less from the people around you. It automatically makes you look like a leader.

Go ahead, see for yourself the benefits of wearing an expensive watch and watch how your life will change for the better.

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