Recap: A Museum Quality Malachite Biltmore Loaned On

Host: If you’re hoping to clean up the house for the New Year and you’ve got some items that you just don’t need anymore, you could get some good money for them. This is David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and today we are talking about some really rare, unique finds. I’m in love in everything you brought today. I’m so excited! We really have a fun show today. A whole of our guests are really unique and you are no exception my friend. Let’s start with this, what we looking at.

David: In total here, we have gem and mineral specimens. The first one we are looking at is a Malachite specimen and you can see that this is probably the one of the most rare. I won’t say rare but I’m gonna say a museum quality malachite specimen that you’ll see. You can see the beautiful modeling done by the polishing and this weighs about 25 pounds.

Host: That’s beautiful

David: (continue speaking) of Malachite and the center we’re doing one with a Quartz crystal and these are all live quartz crystal and then on the side we’re showing an Ammonite specimen which is a million plus years old.

Host: So how would somebody come into ownership of something like this?

David: Collectors

Host: Okay

David: People collect these things and use them as decoratively accessories. They collect them just as collection and they use them in all different places on their home and this was somebody toss on Sonoran Living. and they said to us, we are expanding a business. They have a collection. They actually more of this collection. Unfortunately I was not strong enough to bring those in because they are so large.

Host: Could you take how long to get in here today

David: I told you Susan, I work very hard to make this interesting today because this are very heavy and very fragile and you know how I care about this things. This was a collection that we did a loan of 6 thousand dollars because they are expanding their business and again that’s what we talk about. It’s people are asset rich today. Their asset reaching cash for, so many times they have opportunity if they have an unexpected medical bills or they have private school for their children or a commision that maybe coming in.

Host: Right maybe a medical issues that pops out.

David: or in a lot of things and we’re gonna show you that even later, just things that not use anymore and they want clean up.

Host: Well, you know David that’s the one thing that really blows my mind about you because you do expand your reach when it comes to what you bring on this show. But this isn’t something I will be sitting around going “Oh yeah! that big rock that sit in the corner”. That’s probably worth something when I think of you know taking something and to be value, I think coins, I think the obvious but you do an unobvious.

David: And that’s really we try to do is bring value to things that other people can’t bring value to. Unfortunately for me, I am a junky collector myself. As everybody knows from watching us for as long we been on but many, is this things I have a difficult time parting it with we purchase them.

Host: Sure, well

David: Later in the we’re gonna show you something, that I have issue with.

Host: And what is beautiful about that David is, is truly means that, like you know when you taking someone’s item you really have care you care about it, you have compassion, your very gentle when you walks in. He’s not slinging it around, you really do an extra care this an anonymous. A lot of times of anonymous purchase or anonymous loan for this.

David: Very confidential, this is extremely confidential. It’s private asset lending thats really what we do, we do private asset lending. You can see our offices they are not typical, we have nothing for sale. What we really wanna do is build relationships and that really what’s all about, building relationships our customers come more than once.

Host: And there’s is not like there’s bars or no window.
David: There’s no bars, nothing for sale. This is the newest concept in lending on assets and you will see you will be treated professionally, fairly and expertly.

Host: And David is just one of a team of expert who will going to take care of your belongings.If you wanna find out how much your stuff is worth email them [email protected] you can also give them a call 480- 991-LOAN you can also visit their website all consultations are anonymous. Follow them on facebook they’re big in social media