Recap: A summer trip, and a few fancy designer handbags

Host: Well if you spent this summer cleaning up around the house and you found some stuff that you just really don’t want it anymore and you think “You know what, I think this might worth something. Who do I take it to?” It so easy to find out and here’s the guy, David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan is back with the details on how he can get you the most money for all of your fun stuff. Great to see you! Welcome back!

David: It is so good to be back

Host: I’m joining you on the couch today. You were all gone this summer you left us for just a little bit, but you had the good reason.

David: I was travelling the country and trying to find the different finds out there, the different trends out there and see what’s hot, what isn’t and today we’re gonna show you few of those things.

Host: I love it! Because when you left you said you know what, this business that you are in, you deal in collectibles, antiques, jewelry, bags and it’s important to know what’s trending. It’s important to know what people have and what’s valuable.

David: Yeah, there are trends all the time and that’s kinda one of the reasons that we do this on a regular basis, is to let people know that, there are trends all the time and think people are looking for certain things you know what, we always kiddingly say “another man’s trash is another man’s gold”. I mean the reality is that some people love Asian items and Asian is very very popular right now.

Host: And that is what this bag is, tell us..

David: No, It’s actually has nothing to do with that. What’s really fantastic about these are, these are bags that are really fairly current.

Host: Okay

David: The multicolored crock and burlap bag is a Nancy Gonzalez. It retails around 32 hundred to 35 hundred dollars.

Host: Nice

David: It’s in mint condition and can’t tell it from new. It has the originally pouch bag to cover it, a really one of a kind Chanel bag that’s done in rabbit fur and this was around, yeah also mint condition I mean that’s gonna look so good with what you’re wearing.

Host: I think I’m a little bit busy but I love it, It is gorgeous look at this and all of this have the original bags that they came in.

David: The original cover cloth and original boxes. We search and procure some of the finest, one of a kind second hand pieces that we have to buy at a loss or at second hand, and you can see from the condition like the Louis Vuitton steamer bag. It’s really one of my favorites. I mean I haven’t seen one of those since probably in the 60s and 70s and what’s really interesting about that is, actually it had it’s original vinyl and leather cover bag from Louis because to carry this bag for it to get scratched, is really quite valuable and this today, and we were kiddingly earlier we were talking about, “just pick it up.” It wouldn’t really work well with the TSA today because the bag is probably about fifty (50) pounds to begin with.

Host: Super heavy. It is super heavy.

David: before you put anything to it, but what’s really neat is, these are decorative items today and decorators are using them around the house and that’s we look for, those trends and where are they using other things.

Host: and what i love about what you were saying when you show me some jewelry that you are going to see just an a little bit here on the show, color is still very big, we love color, we love the stones.

David: Color is very vibrant even coming out of summer. And really you know as we say we buy loan on anything you own. Really, what we do is we bring a value, a currency value to anything you may have collected and a lot of people in this situation when they have stuff and don’t have capital.

Host: So what’s the difference quickly between the antique and collectible?

David: Well you know interesting, antique we say hundred years old but that term is really a diversely used because we use the word “vintage” and “collectible” all the time vintage or collectible really means it could be a month old, it could be ten (10) years old but really is it collectible? Are people collecting it? and handbag needless to say, they’re not only collectibles but very wearable and luggage like that it’s not as much usable but it is great for decorative use.

Host: and what’s in a name?

David: The name is Everything. The name is Everything.

Host: We’ve heard that term before it’s the old adage, what is the name but in this case you got quite a lot of designer names appears on the table and were just getting started. David has brought some really beautiful things along that he’s collected over the summer. You don’t wanna miss it, so to find out how much your valuables maybe worth email David at the number on the screen that is [email protected]. You can also give them a call at (480) 991-5626 (LOAN) or you can call them also at (480) 705-5626. They have two locations one in Scottsdale, one in Chandler. You can walk in at both locations and that is They are big on Facebook so they’d love to hear from you on Facebook as well. So we’re just getting started here, David has a lot more really cool stuff and jewelry coming up right now.

David: We have some interesting jewelry

Host: Awesome we can’t wait.