Recap: Austrian Silver Flatware Set by J. C. KLINKOSCH

Host: And we’re back now with David Goldstein from Biltmore and Jewelry, and today were talking about rare items that you all have. The pleasure really of having in your possession and what are we looking at now.

David: This is, I get a little excited.

Host: It’s ok

David: Everybody they watch us every week basis knows my passion for this, this is enumerable. And this is a box that I want to keep shut just so you could see that the actual box on the side in, you can see even on the side it has beacons and mayflower storage tags on it. So you can see that this has been moved probably from the east coast back to the west coast, to the east coast ,moved many times, sat on the garage for longer period of time and when I open this up you will see one of the most fabulous set of….

Host: Wow

David: (continue speaking) Silver, flatware that you will see, Now this is not typical sterling flatware. This is German silver, so german silver’s only 80% silver verse. Sterling which could be 92 and a half percent silver.

Host: Wow look at this (pointing to something)

David: This was done by J. C. KLINKOSCH who was an Austrian, who was the Silversmith to the Emperor of Austria between 1850 and 1870.

Host: Alright I have to ask, is this in impeccable condition or what?

David: It’s probably one of the finest condition sets I’ve seen. Each piece has in German what it’s called tag to each piece. Each piece is hallmarked on the piece itself. There are no pieces missing, its complete set of 24 you can see plenty of tarnish on there because this have probably touched in years and the amazing thing is if you look at the detail of the way that this is done you can see why he was really the most one of the most prolific Silversmiths of his time.

Host: Look at this oh my goodness. I mean I’m in aw,, I think I’m giving a little bit giddy drop in up and down.

David: You just appreciate it but you know here is what we talk about week after week. Here’s a woman that watch us on T.V should brought a couple of sets of this actually. And when we went over and she said, look. And she showed me up a beacon sticker from mayflower moving sticker and she said, it’s been sitting in my garage I’m not using it. I won’t use it again, Its not in my lifestyle. So this is what we do it is not necessarily buy a really need that you might need money or need to sell. A lot them is just for, are you using it?

Host: Right

David: (continue speaking) Could you use the room?

Host: Could you use the room? or Could you use the cash? Absolutely, you blow my mind.

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