Recap: Biltmore does Art Deco, Silver Pieces & other signed pieces

Host 1: Alright, but you know what, it is the holiday season.

Host 2: Yeah.

Host 1: And of course, we’re doing all of our holiday shopping which we just talked about. Whether it’s online or in the mall, you might need some extra cash and you loan just to get you buy there is a way get which you need with the things you might already have. We know him, we love him. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and Jewelry in our studio this morning. It’s always so good to have you in here.

David: It’s always so good to be here.

Recap: Biltmore does Art Deco, Silver Pieces & other signed pieces
Host: I am so excited because you know what, this is the time. You know what, people might be short on cash. Explain to the viewers at home exactly what you do because we look at stuff on the table all the time, but it’s so much more than that.

David: We talked week after week, year or almost year after year now. Now, they’ve been doing this. Basically, we do short term loans for emergencies, bridge loans, small business loans, and we do purchases as well.

Host: Okay.

David: So, we do outright buys. We basically say yes, when the bank say no.

Host: And you’ve been doing this for a long time, right David. Do you have some loyal clients?

David: For 35 years, and we’ve been doing Biltmore for the last 5 years, and really what it is that we find so fascinating is when I can go in and work with somebody and discover something they didn’t know. And bring value to it.

Host: Okay.

David: And today was one of the, kind of fun once that I really had I’ve been. This is really just, we don’t like to talk so much about product, but this was fascinating because a woman brought in a big bag of empty of costume jewelry, a fashion jewelry.

Host: And I say that all the time looks like costume jewelry, but..

David: And I said…

Host: What did you discover with this?

David: And I said, “I’m sorry Ma’am, I believe this is natural.” And this is actually fabulous example of a platinum art deco bracelet, with onyx, emerald, and sapphires and this was a significant purchase. And she was just elided by the fact that we were able to go and bring a value to it and recognize its value.

Recap: Biltmore does Art Deco, Silver Pieces & other signed pieces
Host: What this significant mean?

David: It was in the mid 5 figures.
Host: Holy moly! And she thought this was mere costume jewelry.
David: Yes.

Host: And you know what David, here’s what you do. You bring in all this different items just because what you like to do is to open people’s mind. Get them to think a little bit differently. If you’re struggling right now through the holidays, especially, this is the perfect time to maybe just want a short term loan. Maybe, you absolutely love this silver pieces and you want them back. This is what you help people do.

David: You can actually take a short term loan on it and, or you can sell if it’s something that, you know. These silver pieces were great example of so many people have them sitting around their house.

Host: Right.

David: And you see how polish these are.

Recap: Biltmore does Art Deco, Silver Pieces & other signed pieces
Host: Right.

David: As, I’m sure for the holiday season, will not be ready to serve food on.

Host: Right

David: This is pretty typical.

Host: But it is..

David: Because it’s probably been sitting 10-15 years and 20 years, and nobody’s really polish it.

Host: Well and that’s what you say though, you know. Pull things out and if you need the extra cash and, but, perhaps this is grandma’s and you absolutely love it, you’ll do the short term loan. Get us through the holidays. We pay it off afterward and we get our stuff back.

David: It’s all about them just having an option. You can either borrow on it. You can sell it, but it’s holiday time. And it’s a great time to be able to use this.

Host: Now, we’re looking at the Scottsdale location. But when somebody comes in, here’s what makes you different. Is that, you can only loan on something if you know the value of it. And sometimes, you know, we, as you know pulling out grandma’s stuff we don’t know.

David: Sure.

Host: So, you will help us, give us a loan, based on the value of what we bring in.

David: That is solely what separate us, theories, our expertise. What we really try to do is not just give a value to it, but do the whole work and get to as much as you can for.

Host: And that’s the whole idea because you know what whether it’s the holidays or whether there’s a family emergency or a whatever, that’s what you guys are here for. Before we move on and I give everybody the locations, I do have to point out this yummy, yummy ring right here. It looks like it’s in the shape of a heart.

David: Yeah, that’s a Van Cleef and Arpels, heart shape diamond, 4 and a half carat. And you know, when we’ve talked about this signed pieces like Van Cleef and Tiffany and Cartier, that’s our true expertise. So, if you have something in mad, don’t short change yourself. Come to experts.

Host: Ha!

David: Because we do know the value. I’ve been doing this 35 years.

Host: Look, it fits. Yey!

Biltmore does Art Deco, Silver Pieces & other signed pieces
David: If the shoe fits,

David & Host: Wear it.

Host: Alright, let me tell you. You might have something at home and you’re wondering, “Hey, is this have some value? Perhaps I can get a small loan or actually sell my items today.” But here’s what you do, you send photo of them to [email protected], include as much information as you possibly can. 480-991-5626 LOAN is the Scottsdale location, you don’t have to make an appointment if you wanna bring your item in and sit down and talk with David. Or you can walk into Chandler, 480-705-5626 LOAN. And learn more at And you know what, occasionally, David brings item that you can actually purchase. Here’s the website that you visit for that, it is the holiday season,

Oscar Heyman bracelet bought by Biltmore for $30k