Recap: Biltmore buys Artwork

Host: If you need some extra cash and of course if you have some valuables around your house like fine art, jewelry or other collectibles, you can get the money you need for those items and this is the guy you gotta see, David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. He is here to tell us how he can help and we have some extraordinary pieces in front of us we were talking a little about this collection of Muhammad Ali the greatest!

Biltmore Loan AZ - David Goldstein on Sonoran Living

David: My heart felt sympathy to them…

Host: Absolutely.

David: …and then I went further and I said, “You know, we just lost probably and known as the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali­-Cassius Clay”. He was the greatest. This was the Leroy Neiman and this is four of the rounds of the Thrilla in Manila…

David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan Scottsdale

Host: Wow.

David: …in 1971 when Muhammad Ali fought Cassius Clay, oh I’m sorry when Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier and this was a 15­-round edition and these are four of the rounds and it’s interesting we talk about this because not only have they appreciate it, because now he is so much of more collectible you will not get his autograph anymore…

Host: Right.

David: …you will not get his pictures so this is no different than a famous artist.

Host: Alright so put this in value for us so I have this collection in my home, they’re all signed. Now he’s passed away. How much has my collection gone up in value?

Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier Fight Painting

David: About double.

Host: Double?! wow.

David: Yes, almost instantly. And you know, we look at this Leroy Neiman and they’re all signed and limited editions by for the Thrilla in Manila and then you see this beautiful art paintings that we’ve also shown that we have here today and one of them is a great french artist and…

Host: That’s this one, this piece? okay.

David: We’re kinda go to that, yeah, this still life here is a great French artist and that’s Paule Gobillard. And she was an impressionist but what was really interesting is when her parents passed away, the guardian for her was Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Paule Gobillard Painting

Host: Oh. We all know Renoir, yeah.

David: So Renoir had a lot of influence on her paintings and she died in the forties and that french painting is a great, great example of a still life and then you see some other great examples that were shown you here of Colin Yates who is an American artist who well they were looking at Hoffman who was a great Southwestian artist also and one of my favorite because I’m not really a Southwest art lover, but the painting and the colors in this are almost almost like neon.

Paule Gobillard Canvas Painting

Host: So what is the value in this because it’s canvas?

David: And yes this is a canvas in oil and what we do in art is we look for result are they listed artist. So this is an artist that does have resulted auction and a payment like this will bring anywhere from eight to twelve thousand dollars. Host: So how is this processed David work for us? So we have this pieces in our collection. How can we get value if we don’t have a map and they’re sitting in a garage we might as well get some value for them in this money?

David: You know, it’s a great question and we’re confronted with it so, so frequently. Art is a very unique asset. They are so many forgeries, there are so many copies, there are so many duplicates, there are clichès, there are lithographs, there’s serigraphs, and then there’s oil paintings. So whether they done on board or whether they done on canvas, was it the motif of what this artist did most of his life or what is his famous for or was it a “I just wanted to try something else”. So all this will have the effect on the values of things and on the values of art and what we find most often is the people don’t know the art.

Paule Gobillard Oil Painting

Host: Yeah.

David: That these are left and collected in the family over years and so often we can find that needle and the haystack and really give them a great news.

Host: And the cool part is that you can call and get a free evaluation. You could call or walk ­in into two of the locations. just give you that information now, you’re gonna come back a little later and give us the 4 D’s. You’re gonna find what that is. So if you have some items whether be artwork or fine jewelry and you wanna know “Hey what is the value of this? I really have no idea.” Send us some information and email to [email protected] David and his team will start assessing all your valuables and give you free evaluation. For the Scottsdale number (480) 991­5626 if you’re and you can visit their website and if you wanna buy something that you see David bring on our show

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