Recap: Biltmore Buys Native American Jewelry

Host: Do you need some cash to get through the next several months, of course the month of summer? Well if you have some fine jewelries even some collectibles, even a car, you can get cash for those items and this is the guy to go see: David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. He is here to tell us how they can help. Good to see you.

David: It’s so good to be back. And I tell you, you know, I watch these segments and I’m here live week after week and I tell you that, I just said to you off the air, “That’s a tough act to follow.” I think that everybody, just with this weekend, and I would like personally salute and thank all of our veterans because our life wouldn’t be our life without them.

Host: Absolutely. And we thank you and you were always such a big contributor to that in many ways.

David: I am and I just believe in it so without further ado, I just want to give them their respect.

Host: Well we just came off the memorial day weekend. So many people traveled during memorial day and they may have need a little extra cash when they got home and the bills start coming in. So we’re talking about Native American jewelry. I am always amazed, David, how much this type of jewelry is worth?

David: You know, we talk about the values and we talk about Biltmore Loan all the time and what I really try to do is kind of show the array of type of things that we may work with, with clients. That either they wanna just get rid of and divest themselves of because they’re just not wearing them anymore. And I so often see people say, “Oh I have one like that. I haven’t worn it in twenty years.” that kind of thing so what they are for not only just for somebody that may need some short-term loan or wanna sell something but maybe they just wanna divest themselves of it, maybe there’s nobody in their family to hand it to, they don’t have a place for it, they don’t have somebody that, you know, as significant other that would like to have it.

Host: But a lot of people are buying a new and it has a lot of value so it’s a smart investment.

David: It’s a great investment if you buy the quality pieces and that’s what we’re trying to do so. This week, we’re just trying to show you that today, in a state jewelry, we talk so often about diamonds and Cartier, Van Cleef, and Tifanny that in native American Jewelry, there’s just as many fine artists and can be equally as valuable if you find those kind of pieces.

Host: So to point out some pieces that are really some valuable pieces….

David: This contra belt is one of the nicest contra belt I’ve seen in a long time. It’s done with all sleeping beauty turquoise. It’s signed. It’s …. has a lot of conchos on it. And you move over here which you may not look at and I look at this and I say, “This is great old pawn. This is from the 50’s / 60’s, you don’t wanna clean it. The pettina is what it’s all about.

Host: How much is this worth?

David: A piece like this is gonna bring around $600.

Host: And what about this belt?

David: A belt like this should bring around $3,000

Host: Wow, obviously it’s the stones.

David: It’s all sterling. It’s all done by hand. And if you would go in, it’s tall hand-done leather. If you would go into a retail store today, a belt like that would be $6000-$6500.

Host: What about this?

David: A concho like this will bring around $1750.

Host: Wow. I have to ask what this is.

David: This is a really interesting piece. Cause if you’ve ever seen native jewelry, look at that in lay and then watch this. And then you can actually turn it to the other side. It’s a hopi necklace. It’s hopi-done bear and they wear it in a long, this is almost like museum quality when you just look at this. This is something around $3500. But you know, we talk about the values and it isn’t about the value, it’s about your situation coming into a place where we’re gonna give you the respect that you need, we’re gonna give you the expertise that you’re entitled to and you’re gonna get the service and fair value you should get.

Host: Alright. And David just opened a brand new location in Scottsdale. We’re gonna talk more about this incredible business in our next segment but we wanna give you some information.

Maybe you’re looking at this table and say, “I’ve got that! I’ve got that hanging up in my closet right now or in my jewelry box.” If you want to know what your valuables are worth, email David and his team at [email protected]. Give them a call for a free evaluation for the sales office that’s located in Scottsdale: (480) 991-5626 (LOAN). You can also call their Chandler location, walk-ins are welcome in both places: (480) 705-5626. You can also visit their website and to buy items, you go to