Recap: Biltmore Loan takes in Silver

Host: So, you know, you think you might need some extra money. Whether it’s for, I don’t know, maybe start up a new business, maybe it’s to buy a new car, maybe it’s for an emergency. Well guess what, if you have some items around your house, in particular, we’re talking about some silver items, maybe it was handed down, maybe you just bought it on a whim one day, it has value. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan is here to tell us how he can actually help you do that. And David, a lot of times people will come to you, uhh, you know what, even you do have some of the finest things in life, everybody hits a road block now and then and needs a little extra help. Banks aren’t loaning money out very readily anymore. That’s where you come in.

David: No, they really aren’t. And you know, it isn’t necessarily mean that somebody may even need money. There’s so many reasons that people change their lifestyles. We downsize, we just, we declutter, we’re moving, we can’t take this stuff with us. And you look at this table today and we’re showing a great example of metal products like silver which comes in so many different forms.

Host: Beautiful pieces, by the way.

David: From amazing beautiful decorative serving pieces to beautiful jewelry to coins to silver and flatware.

Host: Right. And very ornate, by the way, and the first thing that I asked you, you know, if you come across a piece like this, whether, and something like this, to me, looks very old, right?

David: Right.

Host: Maybe handed down.

David: Yes.

Host: With this piece of something, I always heard, you shouldn’t clean it.

David: Correct.

Host: Is that true?

David: Yes, and you’ll notice if you look at this. The natural patina is created from silver on tight pieces like these that are serving pieces. Really, the collectors love that, to see this workmanship.

Host: And makes it more valuable in a sense?

David: It’s not just valuable but more desirable to the buyer. They don’t wanna see it polished to look like new.

Host: Not so much so with your silverware now, haha, it should be nice and clean.

David: Correct. Then when you’re getting to silverware, you’d like to know that that’s gonna be, exactly, it’s gonna be perfect. But, you know, when we talk about this, one of the things that I’d like to talk about is how often do you really wanna take the time to get your silver ready.

Host: And you don’t, that’s why it ends up looking like this but, I mean, even I, I could just tell by the weight that there is value to and somebody comes in, you assess the piece based on a lot of different things.

David: Yes.

Host: Not the fact that it’s just silver.

David: Too many people just put it on a scale and that’s the end of it. Okay, if you look at somebody’s silver pieces here. This is, believe it or not, this is done by Spratling.

Host: Oh, that’s heavy.

David: Okay, and Spratling was a very very fine silver manufacturer and very collectible. There’s a lot of taxco in Mexico that’s very collectible. So, these pieces of will bring premium over silver. Some of these manufactured pieces also will bring a big premium of this.

Host: Even if I’m looking inside like some of this pieces, yeah, even this little plates….

David: With monogram, you notice.

Host: Yeah, they have monogram. Is that going to ruin the value at all?

David: No, it certainly diminishes a little bit, but today that really could be polished off in re-engraved today if somebody wanted to.

Host: Oh. Great point.

David: Yes.

Host: Great point. So when somebody comes in and they say, “David, maybe they send you a photo of this stuff, you know what, I’m looking to either sell or loan on it. Tell me, I got 30 seconds, tell me how quickly that transaction can take place.

David: It should take place in no less than 20 minutes.

Host: There you go.

David: You can come into our Scottsdale office without an appointment, you can come into our Chandler office without an appointment. We have buyers on staff all the time. And you’re really gonna get to bring in something and get an explanation for It. 

Host: Alright. Here’s how that works. You have a photograph and the information, send it to [email protected]. You wanna walk in? Go to the Scottsdale location: (480) 991-5626. Or the Chandler location: (480) 705-5626. And you can also learn more about them at and lot of the items, David brings in, sometimes one sitting right on the table, you can actually buy them, just visit