Recap: Clients visit us because of the “Four Ds”

Host: We are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. And David you say the main reasons why many of your clients are coming to see you and your team. They come because of what you call the “Four Ds”. What are those?

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David: You know we develop these, Susan. Over last 3 to 4 to 5 years that we’ve been opened, and we talked to people person to person, where family business where one on one business were not a corporate environment. We try to keep it comfortable, and then formal, and professional, but a place where you can talk to somebody. It’s not management, and there’s rules, and there’s this, and there’s that. We are flexible and trying to work with people. We talked about the Four Ds, and I at 57 years old come in contact now more often than what I ever did. And the first one is Death ­ and death is a reality, it’s a certainty, it’s a guarantee. And as we get older it becomes more involved than our life. And I remembered being younger and always hearing my parents talked about this one passed away, that one passed away, and now we see it’s our friends.

Host: And you, guys, who come in and do an estate sale for us ’cause sometimes family just can’t do it, you’ll do all that for us.

David: So often we’re contacted immediately to be told that they’ve been collectors of this, they are collectors of that, and they just have so much product. Well, if anybody knows me I am a product compassionate guy. So, what we do is we will go in assess what’s there and tell them all the best ways that we can liquidate and or sell or borrow, all the different options available to it.

Host: Alright so death now, let’s get to divorce.

David: Divorce is one of those things that I never like to talk about. I’m 31 years married happily and you know my lovely wife for many years…

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Host: And she is so lovely.

David: ..and if you are watching me, I love you, dear. So, I just want you to know that is one of those things that is a reality. It’s 1 out of 2 today, it’s 1 out of 2 marriages, and so frequently the other whether be the female or the male is left in a disarray of finances, and doesn’t have immediate funds to start their life again.

Host: So, they can bring in their wedding ring or they can bring in some of those jewelry items.

David: It could be many things using.

Host: Okay.

David: You know we talked about their jewelry because I’m a gemologist and I have 35 years in jewelry experience, but it’s art, it’s collectibles, it’s glassware, it’s hump silver. It could be a piece of land, it could be a car, so we will open their minds up to that.

Host: And you can be incorporate with other D which is death.

David: Death. Death is something that we all accumulate and we have accumulated over the last 7­8 years of this. We session/depression/we organization of life today. And because of death, we have short term situations. We now live in Scottsdale or in Phoenix, Arizona, in Phoenix is a seasonal kind of estate. So we have restaurants that suffered during the summer months. We have many businesses that suffered during the summer months. What we do is short term loan for them to get them through the summer.

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Host: All right, so we’re gonna show some video of your two locations as we talk about the final D which is Downsizing. If two locations are brand new office in Scottsdale, congratulations to you there.

David: Thank you we’re really excited about it. Host: And both of these locations accept walk ins, so for downsizing we can bring some of our items and you’ll give us a free evaluation?

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David: Please, I actually beg of you. You’ll see that our environment is something that I feel like is home ­ is comfortable, is professional. You shouldn’t feel as if there’s any problem you are going through, the same problem everybody in our life and world are going through. So, if you are downsizing and that so many of us and you have this as I just used a general word stuff that’s been sitting there. You don’t know the values, you wanna know the values, you wanna know how you can liquidate it and or sell it and or borrow on it, I’m begging you and asking you please the same time to give Biltmore chance. I think you’ll find that we are professional, passionate, and we love what we do. We love trying to help people because part of the biggest reward that we get is that we get through we’re problem solvers of people.

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Host: Yes, and you do care about all of your customers.

David: And we have a personal relationship with every person.

Host: All right. So, let’s give you some information. If you’d like to find out how much your stuff, your items maybe worth, email David and his team and fill up You can also give them a call for that free evaluation we we’re talking about. There are two locations in Scottsdale ­ (480) 991­5626, or their Chandler location ­ (480) 705 (LOAN). You can also visit their website and you can buy some of the items that you’ve see featured on our show each and every couple of weeks at

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